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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Laundry list

George shares his Mexico project with a visitor during his school's World Celebration

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Why we should let kids pick their own summer reading books

Citrus is a Ragdoll - ADOPTED!
The name "Ragdoll" is derived from the tendency of this breed to go limp and relaxed when picked up.
The Secret Sadness: Pregnancy with Depression


ISO Amelia Earhart
Three years ago, Spink was having dinner with Marshallese friends when he asked an innocent question: “Didn’t Amelia Earhart disappear in this part of the world?” A local man answered: “Yes, she landed on our island, and my uncle watched her for two days.”
Al Capone slept here

Pilot Mountain: Hot Nights, Hot Cars

Monday, May 11, 2015

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

The Dash may have lost (and in fact did, no maybe about it), but this morning I promised my boy Chick Fil-A on the way home no matter the outcome, so in his eyes it was a victory nonetheless.

Also of note: this means his grudge against the team for the whole Warthogs-into-Dash move has been released after a paltry 7 years. He's softening!

The Betrayers Dash

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Laundry list

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Heading to DC this spring/summer, and want to do something different?

Geeky wedding ideas from ThinkGeek

The winning photographs from the 2015 Audubon Photography Awards

The graying of a prisoner population sentenced under mandatory sentencing
“There are countless ways that the aging inmates, some with dementia, bump up against the prison culture,” she said. “It is difficult to climb to the upper bunk, walk up stairs, wait outside for pills, take showers in facilities without bars and even hear the commands to stand up for count or sit down when you’re told.
And the Most Beautiful Dog in the World is... Rex - ADOPTED!

The eggcorn database

The ghost city deep in the Brazilian jungle and the Japanese man who tends it
“It smelled of jaguar urine back then, but it was obviously a place of riches at one point, where people dined on porcelain from England and consumed Cognac from France.”

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

all we lack

All we lack is fireflies and our contentment will be complete.

Our shoes will be shed as soon as we get home, and we will don t-shirts from places we've loved.

We will sit outside and talk about the day's events; our conversations will meander.

My husband will check the grill so the onions don't burn up, while the dogs lope around the bushes in an endless game of chase.

At dusk we will hear a rustle in the sky and look up in time to see small bats fly overhead.

George will rock in the hammock, its edges wrapped over him like a tamale.

His brother will try to shoot baskets in the dark and laugh when he cannot.

All we lack is fireflies.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Laundry list


stuffs to look at this weekend...

How Western media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere
The (United Kingdom's) foreign ministry released a statement: “We call on the American regime to rein in the state security agents who have been brutalizing members of America’s ethnic minority groups." Britain has always maintained a keen interest in America, a former colony.
University of Chicago's Zombie Readiness Task Force 

In the case of Work v. Life, we find for both parties
Ms. Simon is a partner at the Geller Law Group, a six-woman firm, the founding credo of which is family-friendliness and whose stance on office face time is best described as “militantly against.”
"DON'T SEE ME": Arthur, master of camouflage - ADOPTED!

Student and teacher portraits from a school's first yearbook

Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

Klutzy internationally

"You must eat an elephant one bite at a time." - Twi proverb