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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bowled over

I met SueMo here, of course. Here, on Life in Forsyth. She popped up early as an enthusiastic pro-local commenter, and we quickly evolved into friends.

Our friendship has gone through close times and more distant times through the years, as our lives have pulled us this way and that, but there has been one constant: our annual standing soup date.

For years now SueMo and I have together attended the Empty Bowls fundraiser at the Millennium Center, where we and a kablillion of our nearest and dearest help Second Harvest Food Bank by enjoying delicious soup and choosing a handmade bowl.

One year I gave my bowl to a friend who was going through a rough patch.

Another year I picked up one for my husband to put his change in at night.

Last year I searched high and low for the perfect bowl for the oldest's guitar picks.

But this year's bowl I am keeping for myself, on my desk at work, where it holds my sunnies and reminds me of my sweet friend.

(And that unbelievably tasty she-crab soup we had that one year.)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Goose nest, abandoned

(Headline from The New York Times)

Besides pollution and erosion
We now must face a goose explosion.
A glut of geese can play the devil
With national life on every level,
Especially in politics,
Where geese and government intermix.
This solemn thought I introduce:
The higher the level, the bigger the goose.

---Ogden Nash

Previously, same location

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Means might for life

I haven't seen the Dairi-o commercial run before a movie at the Grand in years, and yet that marketing campaign was so effective that even now my child is convinced that, in fact, Dairi-o is "where everybody eats."

I think that this will be the local commercial that stays with him the way the Jhoon Rhee Martial Arts commercial is famous among those of my generation who grew up in the Washington, DC area.

I guarantee you if I bumped into Jon Lowder or another such and said Jhoon Rhee he would immediately say Nobody bothers me! (to which the only appropriate reply is Nobody bothers me either! followed by a wink.)


Monday, April 20, 2015

before, after, future

Today I went to the YWCA for the first time since December 15th, the day that marks before and after.

Before December 15th, I could swim so many laps in so many minutes. I could walk so far, do so many crunches, lift so much weight on so many different machines. I could stay awake, remember everything, make mental leaps with ease and grace. My voice rose and fell, and the sides of my face matched, if not perfectly then decently well.

After December 15th has been a place of can't, no longer, and "new normal".

A few years back, the oldest wrote a poem about his life, entered it in a poetry contest sponsored by Central Library, and came in second. That particular poem is probably my favorite thing he has ever written.

Today, as I stepped out from the YWCA, saw the city and sky laid out before me, the last line of my son's poem sprang immediately and joyfully to mind.

I am from the future of wonderful.

Today marks the day I realized that once again I live there, too.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Laundry list

Fourth Street, yesterday 12:09 PM

stuffs to look at this weekend...

What Winston-Salem needs is a shell
However, the new world of social media has further democratised the production and distribution of music. No longer the preserve of elite musicians, popular music is now being made by anyone, and played anywhere, whether this is online, or in public. The Acoustic Shells are a response to this context, bringing back an old ideal, an architecture that can represent ‘sound’, and the people that made it.

Do you even know what kind of shell that is?

Cost guides for almost every home improvement spring project

How to participate in a clinical trial at Wake Forest Baptist

Helicopter Parents of Seniors, you have the next 4 months to internalize this article
The kids who have been raised by parents who watched their every move, checked their grades online hourly, advocated for them endlessly and kept them busy from event to activity to play date are tucked away in college. But that doesn’t mean their parents have let go. They make themselves known to schools, professors, counselors and advisers. And yes, college presidents.
 Add these to my bucket list, please

What's the difference between a crisp, a crumble, a cobbler, a slump and a buckle?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Check out this amazing door I saw in Charlotte, just one of a multitude of exciting moments in that city!

Monday, April 13, 2015


After the initial tetanus series, booster shots are recommended every 10 years. If you experience a puncture wound and it's been more than five years since your last tetanus shot — or you can't remember when you had your last tetanus shot — it's best to get the booster shot.

This past Saturday George and I took an exciting windchimes class at Sawtooth, during which we had to drill holes straight through copper pipe lengths.

Never mind. You already know where this is going, right?

OK, so at the time I washed my thumb and put some gooey anti-bac cream and a bandaid on it -- both entrance and exit wounds -- but now I am wondering if I should have gone to get a tetanus booster.

Honestly I maim myself so often it is hard to remember which injury last warranted a tetanus. And nine times out of ten, my hands are the ones getting whacked, stabbed, slammed, or what-have-you.

For example, The Windchime Incident of 2015 was actually the second self-wounding that morning. Before we even left for Sawtooth, I shredded my right index forefinger attempting to put the aluminum foil back in its box. BANNER DAY.

I looked up my inoculation history on mywakehealth, and my last tetanus was February 2, 2009, so, um, a little more than six years ago.

Then, just for fun, I looked that date up on here.


I am beginning to think it will be a miracle if by the time I am an old woman I don't just have little stumps where my poor hands used to be.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Laundry list

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Eric Perrotti not only plays an impressive multitude of stringed instruments, but he also spotted the vintage Avon cologne bottle shown above, knew instantly George had to have it, and gifted it to him. You know him well, sir.

If I swaddle my sophomore in this, will it help him in Chemistry?

Love in Google translation

What's with the nose jobs, North Carolina?

Well, I do believe I will have a slice of pie after all

Doc is, as Tyra would say, "smizing"

Kaleidoscopic jewelry is glorious

Gertie's Babies: sold at birth
Her adoptive father was told to stay in the car and keep the motor running. His wife went into a nondescript office building in Butte, Mont., where she met with the midwife, Gertrude Pitkanen, and was handed the hours-old infant and the afterbirth, offered a peek through a curtain at the young mother lying in a bed, and told to leave. The afterbirth was thrown out the window on the drive home, Ms. Docken was later told by her adoptive parents, who paid $500 for her that day.
Trajan's column explained in exciting claymation

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Permission, please

Allow me to whine for a moment, if you will.

Because of the copious amounts of various vascular medications the neurologist prescribed to control my pain, I cannot take Claritin.

Rather, I can take it, but I will feel like I have mono, be unable to stay awake, and be generally un-functional.

#stinks   #unfair   #IhatetheNCstatetree   #pollenisthenewblack

That is all.

Thank you.

< /whine >

Monday, April 06, 2015

Sitting goose

yesterday, Costco lot

I have long thought Canada geese extraordinarily mean, aggressive creatures. And I have often wondered why Canada doesn't attempt to rebrand this bird who is the polar opposite of every Canadian I have ever met.

Mind, I am not sure they can disavow it entirely, but if I were Canada, I might try to assign the responsibility for this beastly beauty to one province alone, really boil it down to one place that should be held accountable. Then when people complained about the foul-natured fowl, I would reinforce the rebrand. Oh, the Saskatchewan goose? THE MEANEST, I know.

That said, I want to be very specific about the flip side of this picture. This guarding and protecting of such a prickly creature at its most vulnerable? It happened here. This is Winston-Salem at its finest, and that needn't be diluted at all.

Sunday, April 05, 2015


so far

"Mom, where are my rocks?"

"In the egg carton in your bottom desk drawer."

"OK, thanks!"


"Mom, where are my seed pods?"

"Egg carton, closet shelf."

"OK, thanks!"


"Mom, where is the bag of bird seed?"

"Attic stairs. George?"

"Uh huh?"


"I'm building a bird station with sundries. It's spring now. OK, thanks!"