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Saturday, November 21, 2015

For what I have lost

  • a length of batik fabric from Ghana brought to me by my father
  • my Brownie beanie
  • the bedspread, red with white polka dots edged with navy with white polka dots, from my room in Maine
  • the 1950s white kitten heels I found in my mother's room in Florida and dubbed my "pool pumps"
  • my brother's copy of The Phantom Toolbooth which I purloined from his room and refused to return
  • my West African doll with the metal frame and wooden bowl on her head
  • the thimbles from my trip to England with my father and the display shelf my father gave me for them
  • the "fashion doll" with the short gold hair my mother bought me at Bruce Variety
  • the 7th grade tennis team trophy for best sportsmanship which is the only trophy I ever earned
  • my Beatrix Potter figurine of the mouse mother and her little babies abed
  • the framed needlepoint my father's mother did of a little blonde girl praying from over my bed
  • the piano in the basement playroom
  • Brownie the dog's collar
  • the little wooden birthday candleholders from Germany
  • my rollerskates with the orange wheels when I really wanted pink
  • my magnetic paperdolls from Maine, whose double names all started with Mary
  • the archery certificates I earned at Keystone Camp
  • the last birthday card my mother's mother sent me with the $5.00 check I never cashed
  • my mother
  • my father
  • Augustine

For what I have lost along the way, I give thanks for ever having had at all.

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