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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Laundry list

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Eric Perrotti not only plays an impressive multitude of stringed instruments, but he also spotted the vintage Avon cologne bottle shown above, knew instantly George had to have it, and gifted it to him. You know him well, sir.

If I swaddle my sophomore in this, will it help him in Chemistry?

Love in Google translation

What's with the nose jobs, North Carolina?

Well, I do believe I will have a slice of pie after all

Doc is, as Tyra would say, "smizing"

Kaleidoscopic jewelry is glorious

Gertie's Babies: sold at birth
Her adoptive father was told to stay in the car and keep the motor running. His wife went into a nondescript office building in Butte, Mont., where she met with the midwife, Gertrude Pitkanen, and was handed the hours-old infant and the afterbirth, offered a peek through a curtain at the young mother lying in a bed, and told to leave. The afterbirth was thrown out the window on the drive home, Ms. Docken was later told by her adoptive parents, who paid $500 for her that day.
Trajan's column explained in exciting claymation
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