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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bowled over

I met SueMo here, of course. Here, on Life in Forsyth. She popped up early as an enthusiastic pro-local commenter, and we quickly evolved into friends.

Our friendship has gone through close times and more distant times through the years, as our lives have pulled us this way and that, but there has been one constant: our annual standing soup date.

For years now SueMo and I have together attended the Empty Bowls fundraiser at the Millennium Center, where we and a kablillion of our nearest and dearest help Second Harvest Food Bank by enjoying delicious soup and choosing a handmade bowl.

One year I gave my bowl to a friend who was going through a rough patch.

Another year I picked up one for my husband to put his change in at night.

Last year I searched high and low for the perfect bowl for the oldest's guitar picks.

But this year's bowl I am keeping for myself, on my desk at work, where it holds my sunnies and reminds me of my sweet friend.

(And that unbelievably tasty she-crab soup we had that one year.)
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