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Monday, April 20, 2015

before, after, future

Today I went to the YWCA for the first time since December 15th, the day that marks before and after.

Before December 15th, I could swim so many laps in so many minutes. I could walk so far, do so many crunches, lift so much weight on so many different machines. I could stay awake, remember everything, make mental leaps with ease and grace. My voice rose and fell, and the sides of my face matched, if not perfectly then decently well.

After December 15th has been a place of can't, no longer, and "new normal".

A few years back, the oldest wrote a poem about his life, entered it in a poetry contest sponsored by Central Library, and came in second. That particular poem is probably my favorite thing he has ever written.

Today, as I stepped out from the YWCA, saw the city and sky laid out before me, the last line of my son's poem sprang immediately and joyfully to mind.

I am from the future of wonderful.

Today marks the day I realized that once again I live there, too.
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