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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What I lack

I lack selfie skills, due in large part to the fact that I categorically do not take selfies, finding them to be more often than not nothing more than grandiosity, the unattractive photo equivalent of excessive preening in the mirror. Look at my facial expression here! Look at my duck face here! Look at this, the seventh of nine seemingly identical shots!

At this exact moment I can think of only three (3) acceptable exceptions:
  • one shot selfies upon meeting someone for the first time, expectedly or unexpectedly, because there is vibrant joy in the faces
  • accidental selfies, wherein the taker did not realize the camera was in reverse mode
  • selfies wherein there are animals behaving badly in the background
And yet today I find I desperately need selfie skills, or maybe just longer arms and the talent to take one-handed photos, because what I want to show you is this, this stained glass piece my 16 year old made during his third course of study in glass arts, this bit of loveliness with the sun coming through it, around which I want to design an entire window feature.

Thank you, Sawtooth.
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