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Sunday, March 29, 2015

On spring breaks of long ago

The first day of spring break found her laying out one of my better dresses and my Mary Janes, for travel by airplane required attire befitting the special occasion.

At National Airport my normally sensible mother would fall momentarily superstitious, lift my blonde braid up and kiss me once underneath, smoothing the braid down afterward to "keep the kiss safe."

I would shake my head at her silliness and feel giddy as I walked outside to the tarmac to climb the steps up to the plane, but there was always a moment at the top where I had to step across a small divide into the plane, and for that moment, I would feel fear.

More often than not during the flight I would be taken to meet the captain, but far more exciting than the man was the view of the cockpit behind him, knobs and switches and buttons that in combination with my mother's kiss held us safely aloft all the way to Florida, where my grandmother and a week of wonderful waited for me.
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