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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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Sixth and Trade

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Building a Family of Strangers

Sweet faced Eliza looks about 60% Flat Coated Retriever to me (the other 40% is black lab), update: ADOPTED!
Character is a primary and outstanding asset of the Flat-Coat. He is a responsive, loving member of the family, a versatile working dog, multi-talented, sensible, bright and tractable. In competition the Flat-Coat demonstrates stability- and a desire to please with a confident, happy and outgoing attitude characterized by a wagging tail.
source: Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America
Sea Monkeys, X-Ray Spex, and Charles Atlas

What I learned teaching in prison
The “Oresteia” ends with an insecure compromise between forms of justice. Although my Columbia undergrads find this conclusion unsettling, the play’s ambiguity seems just right to my incarcerated students, all of whom have intensely experienced life’s vagaries and horrors. As one woman said, to unanimous approval, “People expect things in life to be clear, but they’re not. That’s the point.”

ATTN: millennials. You did not invent "upcycling"
"This wedding dress was made from a nylon parachute that saved the groom's life during World War II."
Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus: evidence of scientists with mad naming skillz

Galaxies Inside His Head: Terrance Hayes, poet

Four Year Graduation rates: Forsyth County, NC: steadily rising since 2007
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