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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Laundry list

Hanes Mall Boulevard, 7:34 PM

stuffs to look at this weekend...

Nail polish name quiz

Cat Island, Japan

Dear Chandrika: conversations with my missing wife
Again, foolish to think I could heave away the heaviness of heart by tossing out wood, metal and cotton. Your clothes are gone. Given away to those who needed them. That was hard but I knew you would approve. It was months past the date you promised to return and your wardrobe was going out of fashion. Poor joke.
Hey, are there any museums nearby? 

Old is the new new: a better word than umbrella

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
One March day in 1907, a man appeared at the Park Avenue brownstone where 37-year-old Mary Mallon worked as a cook. He demanded a little bit of her blood, urine and feces. “It did not take Mary long to react to this suggestion,” the man later wrote of the encounter. “She seized a carving fork and advanced in my direction.”
The periodic table of sweeteners, natural and synthetic (but not poisonous) 

How did I end up here, with my beautiful, cream fantail? (Forsyth County Shelter) update: adopted!
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