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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Laundry List

stuffs to look at this fine afternoon...

You ate the pancakes, but where does the money go?

Holy parental overreaction, Batman

Can this school ever be made safe?

Cat that looks like a member of the band KISS (Forsyth County Animal Shelter) - adopted!

Fast but not fast food: the menu at PDQ, which just opened its first Winston location on Stratford

These young people are ruining the English language

"But mostly I think of the birth mother who doesn’t want to meet me. How scared she must be. How alone she must feel. What a leap of faith she is taking. She is preparing to send her tiny daughter out into the world with the hope that all will be well. I filled out papers and wrote letters and got a home study and I hoped and I dreamed, but she is doing all the work. She is surrendering a piece of her soul to the universe and hoping for the best."
I hated everything about America until I moved here
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