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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Take them where you find them

Harbingers of happiness, that is. Take them where you find them and let yourself be comforted by familiarity found where least expected.

Earlier today I had a cerebral angiogram performed, which in my rankings of un-fun tests squeezed right in at second place behind "lumbar puncture" (waaaaay out in front). 

I was comforted, though, when I looked up while laying in the contraption and saw the name of the maker: Siemens. To me the name conjures up Walt Disney World, specifically the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot, the signs for which note "presented by Siemens" with the word Siemens in their corporate font. And so focusing on the name Siemens, in the Siemens font, reassured me tremendously while I was having an incision made in my femoral artery during this, the second most un-fun test.

Afterward, arriving at the room where I had to lay still and completely flat for the next four hours, I found no such happy reassurer in my upward vista. But when I was sat up late in the afternoon, I was positively greeted by a cheery, familiar motif.

I am home now, and while I am exceptionally sore and will not have the results until my followup appointment, I feel tremendous hope that now we will have all the answers. And as soon as possible, as soon as we can treat and fix whatever, I plan to put all this behind me, and my family, and head to the only logical place to celebrate.

I cannot wait.
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