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Thursday, December 11, 2014

* But it rhymes with Meorge

In addition to my job, I keep busy a few other ways. I work out at the YWCA. I give tours one day a week at my favorite magnet school. And one afternoon a week after work I teach art at George's school.

Recently we've been finishing up the students' presents for their parents (or whomever). Because I was given free rein, the gifts are not Christmas themed or holiday themed or even winter themed, though they did build upon several concepts we worked on this fall.

However by necessity there was a formula, but within that formula existed a number of opportunities to pick Door A or Door B or even avoid the doors, and so I am delighted to be able to say that although clearly all part of the same project, every student's piece looks very different from every other student's.

One of those students, and I am not naming names*, chose to take his piece in a political direction. Specifically a "historical political satire" direction. He's been cracking up all afternoon as he tries to explain to me the subtle and overt layers of humor.

Wish me luck Monday when all the students give their pieces to their parents (or whomever) at the Christmas Musical Extravaganza!

The colors are distorted, but they are light gray and a deep purple, almost an eggplant. The drawings are black and white, much like George's worldviews.
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