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Friday, October 24, 2014

How's George?

That's the question most people ask me when they see me. And the answer is GREAT. This school is probably the best money we've ever spent. He is engaged, his anxiety is low, his self-esteem is high, and he is thriving. The school is small and sweet and safe, and it is exactly what he needed when he needed. He loves the structure, I love the flexibility, and he almost seems like a different kid. Like George, but so, so happy and without his brow perpetually furrowed.

(I very consciously do not post the names of my children's schools, but if you know an "exceptional child" who in spite of special education services still seems to slip through the cracks, a student whose combination of challenges and strengths is simply too unique to be well served smoothly, please email me. I will happily share.)
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