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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


noun    \ˈsü-və-ˌnir, ˌsü-və-ˈ\    something that is kept as a reminder of a place you have visited, an event you have been to, etc.  Origin: French, literally, act of remembering

Thirty-five years ago I brought home the brush I use to this day, a bubblegum pink plastic one I bought at the little camp store tucked under the pavilion.

It is so dear to me that I prickle with impending panic if I cannot find it momentarily, which happens regularly as nearly every morning I brush my hair while walking to grab something else I've only just remembered I've forgotten, then lay the brush down in place of the item I've retrieved.

The following morning brings the inevitable hunt, and when after a little bit I finally spot that cheerful pink, I reflexively smile, because not only is my brush an exceptionally pleasant brush to use, it is also the last souvenir I have left from those summers at camp.
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