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Monday, June 16, 2014


I was looking back through some of the posts here, thinking about what I want to do now, and so many odd, little changes have happened over the last two years. Listed below are just a few.

  1. Goodbye, DirecTV. Hello, Amazon Fire and Hulu. This has led to Daily Burn, old Survivor series, and an obsession with BBC programming, most notably "London Hospital", the non-continuance of which I cannot fathom.
  2. Goodbye, sweet maple in the backyard. It budded out but never grew leaves last spring. We finally had it taken down this past winter. We left a high stump on which we've set a wide dish of water and another of seed, and I'm delighted to say it is a very popular destination for the feathered set.
  3. Goodbye, Comp Rehab! My boy worked very hard and after four years finally achieved world domination both his occupational and his physical therapy goals. I am beyond proud of him.
  4. Hello, Willie/Steamboat Willie/William! Joining us from the Rockingham County shelter came this fine beast, whose entire world is taken up with being a pesky younger brother to Pep and Salsa. He's terrified of thunder, clapping, and the cat.
  5. Goodbye, homeschooling. Hello, private school. We were ready to go one more year, a year past our original plan, when George suddenly announced he was ready. Woohoo! Huge! Awesome! However, while he is bright as a whip and a marvelous fun fellow, he is pretty "tic heavy" right now. There is not a regular middle school in the world where he would not feel the weight of stares and imitations, but cognitively he belongs in an academically sound environment. Thankfully we found a very small private school almost tailor made for him. He gets the school environment he craves with the classmates he needs. We feel good about this. No, we feel great.
  6. Goodbye, Stay-At-Home Lucy. Hello, working world. Private schools cost money. (Ha! Who knew?) We will enjoy this last summer as is, and come fall, I will attempt to reenter the formal workforce after a 16 year absence. Y'all still use typewriters and mimeographs, right?
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