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Monday, July 16, 2012

The peasants are revolting! (But you I like.)

The title is from the front and (inside) of my favorite greeting card ever, sent to me by my mother. It had this wonderful drawing of old school peasants holding their farm implements aloft.

Anyhow, several people have emailed wanting some sort of phonophotoage from the shower I threw for Esbette. Alas I was too swamped with party prepping to take phonophoto one, but thankfully Esbette's sister stepped in and fired off a few rounds. These are enormous, so be prepared should you biggify to ogle the details (to do so with this new blog format, you click to open it on a black screen, then right click and Show Image to see it in its full-on glory hallelujah).

My shower theme was (begin using your most dulcet, Martha Stewart-esque voice here and continue to utilize where indicated by italics) New England Seaside!

1. The tabletops featured jars with salt water taffy, small flowers picked by small hands, clothespins, and shells. (I had a clothesline strung across the back of the yard with baby clothes hung all the way along it -- hence the beginning of the clothespin motif.)

2. The dune I created to cover a weird portion of the yard where a pipe had to be dug out a month earlier. Those are my solid wood buoys I collected nigh thirty years ago on the coast of Maine, the ones referenced here.

3. The takeaway table holding living favors for the guests. There were also large nautical  flags, again spelling JAMES, repeated along the fence going down both sides of the yard, held in place with clothespins again. (I also used clothespins to weight the tablecloths.)

May your heart -- and the sea!-- now be peaceful,
Martha Lucy

Hope this satisfies!  

Fo' shizzle.
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