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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Local Happy House

I'm fine, promise, just coming off a nutso week schedulewise* coupled with a distinct need to sleep hard a.s.a.p. every single evening. The sun would set and I would think about taking 37 seconds to blog, but then I'd think about how glorious 37 extra seconds of slumber would be, and yeah, didn't blog.

All that is to say THANK YOU for all the concerned emails and texts! Enjoy this phonophoto of the house going up behind us in return. The youngest yodeled with glee when he saw the happy face the workers cut into the Tyvek stuff. (It stayed for about a day. Then they cut a window shape out.)

* The coming week should be better. If not I will fall down dead which will give me plenty of sleep but even fewer** blogposts. 

** Hard to believe
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