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Friday, September 30, 2011

Phonophoto FANCY CHICKENS (and pigeons) of the day

One phonophoto just isn't enough when it comes to fancy chickens, so here, have a week's worth! Because that's how smitten I am with fancy chickens YOU! (OK, so years ago my husband and I watched a BBC documentary series called 1900 House, which featured a modern family living as authentically as possible as they would have a century ago. And the husband's present to his wife on her birthday was her very own hen. And truthfully? I was totes jealous.)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

The youngest has decided to become a comic book czar and to that end has begun to call business meetings with alarming frequency. I fear we'll be in assigned cubicles by Christmas.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

During today's 12:00 showing of Dolphin Tale, the youngest discovered Coke Icee. (I sipped on a Diet Coke for the roughly fifteen minutes I wasn't dabbing at my eyes or attempting to snuffle quietly.)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Sixth Street, 5:12 PM

Local Speaking of Food...

Happyhappyjoyjoy, it's less than EIGHT days away!!! But y'all, we need to discuss some stuff.

Introduced in several Fairs across the country this year, the Dixie Classic Fair will debut fried bubble gum and fried kool-aid. Deep-fried cheesecake and chocolate-covered bacon will also be available in addition to the Fair mainstays of funnel cakes, elephant ears, fried candy bars and more. Additionally, Fairgoers have an opportunity to support the community through 14 community food booths where purchases go toward the organizations’ major fundraising goals.

OK, can we talk about these? In order, specifically:

1. fried bubble gum
2. fried kool-aid
3. deep-fried cheesecake
4. chocolate covered bacon
5. 14 community food booths

re: 1,2,3,4 I just can't. Can't, can't can't. The first one makes my face go all shrively and shuddery. The second one I find vaguely mind-boggling yet completely non-alluring. Three and four just sound like heart attacks waiting to happen.

But number 5? I'm confused. Were there only 14 community food booths before? Or have the booths been winnowed? Maybe it just seemed like every church from here to Virginia was fooding up. Plus the firefighters. And the popo!

Nonetheless we are doing the Dixie Classic countdown chez nous. And next Friday we will be there as soon as school lets out, ogling the fancy chickens, checking out the Artistic and Original Doorstop entries, and noshing on maple sugar cotton candy. (But NOT on fried kool-aid.)

Dixie Classic Fair

Hanes Mall Boulevard

Let's just see how far the youngest's love of history extends, shall we?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Northwest Boulevard, 11:07 AM

More on Local Rumor, Seemingly Confirmed

via email re: this post

More often I've heard these called Chimney Swifts, or just Swifts. They do nest in chimneys, and I've noticed them most right around dusk. I used to see them a lot downtown when I parked on the top of the parking deck across from the Reynolds Plaza Building. They are extremely fast and agile, and many times I've thought they were bats at first. I think they compete with bats, since they seem to be taking out insects as they careen around.

I've never heard of a time period for their erratic flights.

One time viewing them stands out. A couple days after the 9-11 attacks my family was eating at a sidewalk restaurant on 4th street (can't remember the name, but it's where Rana Loca is now). Since there was a no-fly restriction, everyone seemed to be particularly aware of the sky, now devoid of any air traffic. We noticed the swifts, and again weren't sure if they were birds or bats. Seemingly hundreds of them swarming and banking through the purple-shadowed dusk. We watched them all through dinner, though they paid no attention to us at all.


There are also bats that come out in large droves from the Stevens Center. I've only been there twice when this has happened but man it is creepy and breath-taking all at the same time. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Stratford Road, 7:57 PM

Local Rumor, Seemingly Confirmed

From Alert LiF Reader SH, both the rumor and the confirmation, a veritable bloggy hat trick!

I just wanted to pass along to you a bit of info that I learned yesterday and went to check on myself. NW Middle School off of Murray Rd has thousands of Chimney Sweeps (a type of bird) that swarm overhead at dusk and funnel (over the course of 30-45 minutes) into the chimney, happening right now.

I heard it from a friend who told me that it only happens for 2 weeks. I have no idea if that's true or if so, where we are in the 2 week time.

I can say though that my husband, me, and my 16 month old son went out after dinner last night to check it out and my son, whom you can imagine doesn't sit still much at this age, layed on the roof of the car for a good 20 minutes without moving a muscle. The birds were pretty cool to watch and small so they have a similar appearance to bats.

Anyone care to try to get a phonophoto?

Northwest Middle School

Local best seat in the house

Later on I'm going to sit down and replace this by telling you about the gentleman I met. But for now know I was at Skippys, where the food as always, was tasty.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Krankies, 5:49 PM

Just now, at 8:10 PM, I have powered up my laptop for the first time today... sadly not on purpose. Holy Missed The Alarm Clock This Morning and Was Five Minutes Behind ALL DAY, Batman.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Local this fish is totally cray-cray

Sorry for the silence, but things here are a little cray-cray, too, and by cray-cray I mean loco. But wowsers, this event sounds like an amazing diversion!

The mangrove rivulus - the world's strangest fish?
Science Cafe

Tuesday, September 20th
Buena Vista Grille (formerly Big Shotz Tavern)
109 S. Stratford

Learn about the ecology and biology of a fish that can stay out of water for 2 months, can actually drown, and jumps on land!

This amphibian-like fish lives in the mangrove swamps from Florida down to Brazil, and sometimes occupies crab burrows and logs.

If no partner can be found, the mangrove rivulus has nothing to fear - it will mate with itsself having one of the most bizarre reproductive strategies around!

Presented by Ben Perlman, Wake Forest University Biology PhD student.

Winston-Salem Science Cafes

Buena Vista Grille
Wake Forest University, Department of Biology

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WANTED: Local Graphic Designer with an Affinity for Community and Middle Schoolers

I am looking for a graphic designer or illustrator to design something for the oldest's middle school. Specifically for an afterschool club of a rock band nature. I estimate that it's about two hours of work for someone who knows what they're doing, but as I don't, it could take fifteen minutes for all I know.

Sadly in this time of cutbacks, there is simply no money to put toward the services of said graphic designer. However, I am happy to post about said graphic designer, acknowledging his or her wonderfully kind donation of services. I can even throw a banner up in the righthand column. (Or treat you to a bag of maple sugar cotton candy when the Dixie Classic ramps up! Your very own fancy chicken phonophoto! I'm like an old fashioned bartering post, only with no money. Did I mention that?)

Email me if you are this designer, pls.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Exploding spidery gloriousness, how I love this traffic island! I want to pull over and clap every time I go by.

Lowes Foods presents...

Anyone? I have no idea what horehound flavor is, so I'm not sure if more of it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Local Clinic

Rabies/Microchip Clinic
Saturday, September 17th
1 - 4 PM
Brookstown United Methodist Church
6274 Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown
(intersection of Yadkinville and Lewisville-Vienna)
Rabies $7 Microchip $20

Proof of prior vaccination needed to receive the 3 year rabies vaccine. Dogs must be on a leash. Cats must be in a carrier. There may be a wait. You are responsible for control and care of your pet, which may include leaving your pet in the car with the A/C on in the event of extreme heat. Call 723-DOGS for more information or visit our website. VOLUNTEERS WELCOME!

Humane Solution
Brookstown UMC

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Lunchtime found me and two friends at Village Tavern (classic location) belatedly celebrating a birthday. Henceforth when dining there I will be selecting green beans as my side FOREVER MORE. They were that good.

Local Bring Your Ears

St. Philips Heritage Center
in Old Salem
a Sunday Social Listening Party
Sunday, September 18th
5 - 7 PM
The Log Church, 913 S. Church

With a donation of $10 per person, guests will have a chance to hear two newly released CDs, "Promises" by Richard Smallwood and "YRM (Your Righteous Mind)" by Donald Lawrence, as well as enjoy desserts, lively conversation and good fellowship.

The Listening Party will take place in the Log Church, located at 913 S. Church Street, which originally was constructed in 1823 and reconstructed in 1999. This church was the only known structure in the immediate area constructed specifically as a place of worship for people of African descent.

St. Philips Heritage Center
Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Richard Smallwood
Donald Lawrence

corner of Miller and Cloverdale

We see this beauty on Tuesdays at CompRehab but never on Thursdays. Now I've come to look for it, parked in its usual space on the outermost edge, back end toward Miller.

I've mulled over who drives it countless times. A patient who prefers to walk the distance of the lot? A physician or therapist who is elsewhere Thursdays? I choose to think the car at some point bounced over the veldt or navigated an outback, its current owner at the wheel, but deep inside I know that's unlikely and a product of my own personal craving for adventure, for roaming; a summer spent mending has left me feeling quite restless.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Thruway, 3:13 PM

Local PSA

"We have discovered the main to be the goodliest soil under the cope of heaven, so abounding with sweet trees that bring rich and pleasant, grapes of such greatness, yet wild, as France, Spain, nor Italy hath no greater..."

-Ralph Lane, in a letter describing North Carolina to Sir Walter Raleigh, 1585

It's scuppernong time!

For those poor souls who didn't grow up in the southeast or are otherwise unfamiliar with and/or intimidated by these green globes of goodness, a primer on how to best savor them:

1. Acquire scuppernongs. Those blessed can do this by walking into their yards; others will have to beg or buy.

2. Rinse them. They're sturdy and firm, but will have some brown markings in the skin no matter how hard you scrub.

3. Pop full scuppernong into your mouth and bite gently. You will feel the skin sort of scoot away from the fruit. You will also feel seeds inside the fruit, four of them to be exact. Maneuver the seeds and skin to one side of your mouth and the rest of the fruit to the other.

4. Delicately remove seeds and skin from your mouth as you would a cherry pit. (Those of you who do not fall into the blessed class as specified in step 1 may wish to plant said seeds.)

5. Savor the glorious sweetness that is the remainder.

note: Please do not share the scuppernong awesomeness with dog friends. Like other members of the grape family, they can be toxic to canines if ingested.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Having seen how bright it was atop Pilot Mountain, the youngest decided to bogart my sunglasses.

Local Red, White, and Blue

New local etsy love is up in the righthand column in a patriotic palette for 9-11. While I have been avoiding the tenth anniversary news blitz, I of course do have my own memories.

Thank you for supporting local artisans!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Grant Street

Allllrighty then

re: the most recommended beverage for this gingerbread cookie recipe

Way to be hardcore, AllRecipes! Good. Ness.

(We've had a long week here, even though technically it was, in fact, a short week. Baking is in order, and so I'm looking up recipes for sweets.)

Local Heads Up From Yarddawg

The Forsyth County Master Gardener Plant Sale is the primary fundraiser for our local Master Gardener Program.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Country Club Road

I swear this is the exact silhouette of the old Fisher-Price firetruck that was in the basement of my childhood neighbors, the Abendscheins. They also had a trilevel parking garage and that wooden marble maze where you turn the wheels to tilt the board to run the marble through it. Those Abendscheins had the coolest toys!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Local Drop The Sticks!

Drop Those Chopsticks!
Sushi Is Finger Food.
Piedmont Craftsmen invites you to learn
The Art of Sushi
at a FREE educational event
601 N. Trade
Thursday, September 8th
6-7 PM

Learn from chef/owner Melissa Mirchandani of Mise En Place Catering how to make sushi rolls and plate them artistically on handmade plates.

6th and Vine will be serving Plum Wine to compliment the sushi tasting. Plum Wine (umeshu) is made of Japanese plums (ume), sugar, and shochu or nihonshu. Its sweet, fruity, juice-like flavor and aroma can appeal to those who normally dislike alcohol. It is usually served on the rocks or mixed with soda.

Piedmont Craftsmen
Mise En Place Catering
6th and Vine

Local look into his eyes

photo credit: FCAC
Chase would like you to know that instead of a mere tail wag, his WHOLE BODY wriggles. Madly.

Yay! Someone go get him!

update: Yay! Someone did!

... Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred!

Help your neighbors
at the
100th Anniversary
of the
Winston-Salem Airshow
Smith Reynolds Airport
September 9-11, 2011

Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC is currently experiencing the worst food shortage that it has encountered since 2009 as a result of sustained increases in need coupled with a decline in the supply of donated food.

Come to the Winston-Salem Airshow on Friday (5-8 PM) or Saturday (10 AM - 5 PM), and receive a 100th Anniversary commemorative booklet from Second Harvest with your donation of 5 or more non-perishable food items - one per family while supplies last.

We'll take your picture to post on Facebook, give you a SHARE THE ABUNDANCE wrist band, a magnet and more. Plus you will know that you've made a tangible difference in someone's life.

Winston-Salem Airshow
Smith Reynolds Airport
Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

detail of "22 Fronts" by William Banning Safrit
part of the show"Fronts" at the EM Gallery at Krankies through Saturday only

I love this show. It's hard to explain, but the pieces are like multidimensional shadowboxed illustrations of urban storefronts. But way more awesome and humorous than that sounds.

Get thee there before it's over.

previous local love for Will Safrit
Will Safrit

Monday, September 05, 2011

Phonophoto(s) of the day(s)

I'm back! I had an opportunity to go to the beach, and I JUMPED at it. I chaperoned our church's youth group's retreat to North Myrtle and have spent the last three days enjoying the company of 26 middle and high schoolers. Y'all, they were the bomb diggity. We had so much fun.

Yes, yes, I fell completely behind and now owe you three daily phonophotos. Whatevs. TOTALLY WORTH IT.



sunrise this morning

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Local I'd Like Letter Photos That Spell SWOON, Please

New local etsy love is up in its home in the righthand column, and this week's items are gorgeously rendered in shades of brown. I love brown. The only thing I don't love about brown is that I cannot say the color name without a strong urge to add "Downtown Julie" in front of it. Then I begin to miss MTV, then the rest of the 80s... And now I'm sad. NICE GOING, BROWN.

Thank you for supporting local artisans!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

I've always been partial to raining buckets rather than raining cats and dogs, which phrase I suspect is more beloved in those parts of the country where they say pails.

on regional speech patterns

Local City of the Arts INDEED

 300 block of Spruce

Squee! I love themed litter!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Liberty & Sixth

500 block of Trade

The youngest's theory on why lost dog signs seem to be popping up more recently: cougar!

(My own has more to do with Lassie Come Home sadly discontinuing its fine work on behalf of local lost loveys.)

Local But I Rock at Balderdash!

Confession: I don't actually know how to play poker. People have tried to teach me, but there are just two many things to remember. (This is also true of football.)

more info (about the above event, not my inability to hold three thoughts in my head at once)

ATTN: Local Junkies

If you're a history junkie or an architectural junkie or even a local blog junkie, you'll want to add this to your bookmarks.