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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

These lovelies were part of the post-surgical swag bestowed upon me after Thursday's OR festivities. I have no idea what type of flower they are, but I'm completely taken by them. And they were accompanied by cans of kidney beans, which fairly well made me giggle.

'Cause I Gots Da Blues

New local etsy love is up in the righthand column, and it's chock full of items featuring my lifelong favorite color.

Pick up a piece of local bluey goodness for yourself and one in anticipation of Mother's Day!

As always, thank you for supporting local artisans!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surreyliciously Fringetastic! a guest post from Esbette

I would like to take this opportunity to give the Life in Forsythians a better understanding of me, Esbette, as I am so much more than just an amazing faux daughter.

For starters, did you know that I think Coke ICEEs, or FroCos as I call them, are basically the nectar of the gods? Or that frozen M&M’s literally scare me, but frozen Snickers bars are incredible? It is very difficult to embarrass me, although I do embarrass for others quite easily. I am a smorgasbord of trivial and pop culture knowledge and I have my (real) mother to thank for that.

I also have to thank her for making me an OKLAHOMANIAC. You read that right, a maniac for Oklahoma. Not necessarily the state, I’ve never actually been there, but the musical. In fact, you could call me a Rogers and Hammersteiniac but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. I love musicals, specifically those of SeƱors R&H. The only song I can play on the piano is “Edelweiss,” I have “washed that man right out of my hair” in the shower countless times, and I even considered naming my dog Emile de Becque, but went with CK Dexter Haven instead (see: Cary Grant.)

In other words, growing up, the musicals of Rogers and Hammerstein were just as important to me as the Disney movies I also loved. So when Esbee offered me the chance to represent LiF at the campus dress rehearsal Wednesday night, two things crossed my mind: 1. Duh. 2. Mom must go with me.

Reserved seats, what what!

When those first familiar notes rose from the orchestra I got chills, and when the curtain went up I was immediately transported to an Oklahoma filled with friends. Aunt Eller, Laurey, my boyfriend Curly (don’t tell Mr. ‘Bette), Will Parker, and one of my favorite characters ever, Ado Annie. Side note: what a fantastic name.

To say the show was awesome would be the understatement of the century. From the actors to the costumes, Oklahoma wowed me the whole way through. I had to stop myself from singing along, especially while Ado Annie sang, “I Cain’t Say No.” I held back though, as I didn’t want to be Oklahomescorted out of the theatre.
I could go on and on but I really think everyone should go see the show. If you like music, dancing, the Midwest, innuendo, guns, polka dots, or dream sequences induced by smelling salts, this show is for you!

Go! Get your tickets right now!


SPECIAL LiF BONUS! Additional notes from Mommy ‘Bette:
Transported is the word I gave ‘Bette. Everyone likes revisiting the familiar; Oklahoma is comfort food. Unlike ‘Bette, I gave in to the urge to sing along. Not sure she heard me, but no matter. The words are as familiar to me as the Liturgy is to the Pope. I am also an unabashed weeper. Curly’s voice from offstage singing “There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow…” unleashed the flood.

Don’t compare to the movie. Enjoy the magic and energy that is a live production. Toss that picture of Rod Steiger as Jud and embrace the less-sinister, more sympathetic, always misunderstood, singing Jud. Envy Ado Annie’s fashion sense. Wonder at why she hangs out with that mealy-mouthed stuck-up Laurey. I could go on and on.

Many thanks to Esbee for allowing me to waller in my puddle of nostalgia. And Aunt Eller, I’d marry Curly, too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

SQUEE! Look what sweet things were busily hatching in the youngests' classroom! It's like they knew I would be there today as Classroom Reader.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birds! Also a sock monkey and a boat ride

This week's new local etsy love is chock full of happy-happy. Share some with someone you love! You'll find the items in the righthand column.

Thank you for supporting local artisans!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Local Lunch-n-Learn

Trena McNabb: Overlapping Images- Both Real and Painted

On Thursday, April 28th from noon- 1 PM, bring your lunch to AAWS's gallery (301 W. Fourth) to enjoy while Trena McNabb shares her unique process and personal experiences as an artist. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Whee! We've loved Trena McNabb's work for a long time around here!

Associated Artists of Winston-Salem
Trena McNabb

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

HanesBrands Theatre

That was before the curtain went up, figuratively speaking. No Rules Theatre Company's The Stephen Schwartz Project opened tonight, and y'all... Y'all...

OK, you know how sometimes when a sports team sort of, well, stinks, season ticket holders will start giving away the tickets, because it's not even worth the hot dog and beer money anymore as far as they're concerned? Next thing you know you somehow have like 4 pairs of tickets to the same game, because you're the goob people fob unwanted tickets off on. And so then you're calling people you hope are even more goobish than you, but even they won't take the blasted tickets, and so you go with whomever you can talk into going - I'll pay for your beer! I'll pay for your hot dogs! - but you feel badly because the other six tickets end up going unused, un-refobbed, seemingly useless before the trainwreck of a game even begins.

Y'all, No Rules tickets are the opposite of those tickets. This is the second No Rules production I've been invited to attend, and let me announce herewith that No Rules tickets are hot dog worthy and beer worthy and even stadium parking worthy. Yes. Yes, that's what I said.

Tonight's production was an hourlong swoon with some mad vocal chops on display. Carolyn Cole: remember that name. She is ridicumazing. Her impeccable timing made her comic genius as Lucy in No Rules' You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, but hi, until tonight I had no idea she had a honking enormous voice - completely controlled, mind - in that teeny little body. Gah. She will be The Big Dealio one day, so see her now before she outgrows us.

The Stephen Schwartz Project will run again as-is tomorrow and then on Saturday as a fundraiser before moving on to Washington, DC (shoutout to my homizzles!). If you sadly miss it here, DC is only a 6 hour drive (40W-85N-95N) and so absolutely worth considering, as six hours of highway driving is pretty much the equivalent of stadium parking (X=Y=Z)...

But really I think you should see it here.

Local Obi Wan Kenobi*

The second grade studied Japan as part of their curriculum, the highlights being (1) a visit from the WFU Museum of Anthroplogy during which the students were able to try on traditional Japanese garments and (2) the making of Japanese figures, also in traditional Japanese garments. The youngest's is on the far right. I love it madly.

*minus the Wan and the Kenobi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local Show -n- Tell

From LeeAnn Miller comes the above FANTASTICALLY ORANGE original photo.

I wanted to share my favorite picture from Winston Salem with you. It's from Fall 2006 when the Wake Forest Demon Deacon Football team won their berth to the Orange Bowl. We all rushed to the Quad to roll it and throw oranges around like fools. It was spectacular.

Thank you, LeeAnn!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Local Or Maybe the Universe Wanted Me to Have a Hot Dog

The DWSP has organized a short parade for the World Famous Budweiser Clydesdales through downtown on Tuesday, April 19.

The parade along Fourth St. and Trade St. starts at 6:15pm. The horses will stop by Recreation Billiards, which still displays a photo from 62 years ago, when the Clydesdales stopped in front of the establishment.

People are also encouraged to view the staging and preparation of the Clydesdales at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts parking lot (corner of Holly Ave. & Spruce St.) from 5:00- 6:00pm that same day.

Please see the parade route photo (click on image to enlarge). The best viewing areas are along Fourth St. between Spruce and Trade Streets; and also along Trade St. between Fourth and Seventh Streets. (The rain date for this event is April 20).

Don't be shocked, but what truly cemented the decision to move to Winston-Salem was that the weekend we viewed properties, I walked out of the hotel to find the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile parked right next to our car. Clearly it was a sign.

(Really? Not surprised at all? Huh.)

Local Poetic Gift

Ode To the Passionflower
By Helen Losse

O, passionflower,
growing in Mary’s Garden—
your lavender flowers prophetic in unction:

Their tendrils are showing forth
Christ’s scourging, the three top stigma the nails,
the five lower anthers the wounds, the radial
filaments the crown of thorns,
placed on the head of the “King of the Jews.”

O, teach us, teach us, little reminder—

for red stains are His blood, shed,
the style to mock, to offer Him vinegar:
Your fragrance all spices that anoint,
and like the dogwood, your taller neighbor,
with each flower Calvary’s cross, your
blossoms focus on the sadness:

For, while we gladly walk in the garden,
the joy of heaven is yet to come.

first published in Flutter

Helen Losse is a Winston-Salem poet whose second full length book, Seriously Dangerous, has just been published by Main Street Rag. Locally her book is available at Barnhill’s, located at 811 Burke Street.

Esbee note: Thank you, Helen, for sharing your mad (and timely) talent!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Local etsy and other love

A wise person advised me to first and foremost let LiF make me happy. I feel a little bit selfish taking that advice, but if there was ever a time to be mildly me-ist, I think this may be it.

Accordingly please find new local etsy love in its regular place in the righthand column, because wowsers, local etsy goodness makes me happy.

I'll also happily accept contributions of original pieces, photos, poems, recommendations, vignettes, etc. during the next few weeks, because taking it easy and getting a glimpse of the other side, the reader side, would also make me happy.

(I'm really embracing this new selfishness, hahaha.)

Please email me at hippo.hippo@gmail.com with any questions.

And thanks, y'all. You know, for being, well, y'all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Local The Thing Is

I've gone kerplooey.

What I thought was going to be simple is not going to be, and so now I'm looking at 3, maybe 4 surgeries, with the first scheduled for week after next. Sur-jur-EES. And I don't want to be That Person, that person who has surgeries and talks about surgeries and schedules surgeries and sprinkles surgeries on her cereal would you pass the milk.


I am not scared; I am not even concerned; I am annoyed. Because the here and now? It's the hot and mess. And it's disrupting me utterly.

So I don't quite know what to do. Do I turn LiF off? Hope for magical fairies to pick up the slack? For goodness sake, the daily phonophotos the last two weeks have been every three days. They're thrailies.

I'm whining, I know. Forgive me. I don't feel well. Bah, humbug.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Local Out of Season

The Wake Forest football team will hold its annual Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 16, at 1 p.m. at BB&T Field. Admission is FREE.

The Spring Game will give fans the opportunity to see the football team’s progress and will offer a number of fun activities for all ages. Gates will open at 11:00 a.m. and fans will have the opportunity to spend time with friends while enjoying food, music, face painting, and inflatables for kids. After the conclusion of the Spring Game, fans are invited to stay at BB&T Field and enjoy more music, inflatables and an autograph session with players.

I feel the need to confess I wore a white skort one day last week. Clearly I'm just falling all to pieces now.

WFU Football

Monday, April 11, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Y'all. The last ten days have been an exercise in stupid. Because guess what? I still haven't passed even the first stone! What this means is that generally I hurt in a vague, achy way, but then on a few mornings (four, FOUR, but who's counting?) I've woken up suddenly to what feels like an angry squirrel stabbing me with a little - but very sharp - squirrel knife OVER AND OVER AND OVER in my back. White pain. And on those days I get nothing done. Nada, zip, zilch, zero.

So then on the days I just feel generally miz, I get to scootch all over town trying to get all the stuff done in half the time, no small feat when my gait is basically a hunched shuffle.

Yesterday afternoon I was sort of internally congratulating myself because I was almost close to being semi-caught up. Only then I realized the dogs were chewing gum. At least, it looked like they were chewing gum, the way their jaws were working. I waited maybe a minute to see if they'd blow bubbles, but then I remembered hi, dogs don't blow bubbles. And then I remembered, hi, dogs don't actually chew gum.

So I grabbed Salsa and wrangled her until she finally gave up her slobbery pirate booty, and GUESS WHAT. It was one of the two specialized pencil grips I had driven out to Lewisville to get at Kaplan during a burst of (relative) productivity, the ones set to go to school this morning with the youngest, because his teacher asked for them like, oh, last Monday, and I'm just now delivering. Mom of the Year!

Oh, but no worries, because Salsa shared, and so Pep was happily masticating the other one. And so the hour I had mentally allotted to catching up here today I instead spent en route to and from Kaplan and then up to the school to drop off purple Grotto Grips immediately.

One of my other errands was to Kohl's to get the youngest a specific pair of sandals, and that one was a breeze, but this afternoon when he tried them on, they were like jokey flippers they were so enormously oversized on him, even with orthotics. So now I get to repeat that errand, too! That will probably take me another week; until then he'll be rocking the purple-laced shoes shown above.

And I apologize to anyone who just spent the time to read all that.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

Local Opened Yesterday

The middle school chess club will be enjoying snacks from the new Dunkin Donuts on Robinhood today.

(I'm fine. Not awesome, mind, but OK, so please don't worry. I'm running at about half speed for me. Few more days I'll be right as rain, I suspect.)

Local Qusqu

Postales will screen at a/perture as part of this year's RiverRun on Monday, April 11th (8:30 PM), Tuesday, April 12th (5 PM), and Wednesday, April 13th (11:30 AM). This being the US premiere, the director, Josh Hyde, will be in attendance.

RiverRun International Film Festival

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Trade Street at Sixth

Local thru April

Airstream by Liza Jane Bowers, part of a joint show at the Electric Moustache Gallery at Krankies, the other artist being r.boyd, whose astounding works in the show without exception feature an ape and a beverage.

Click on either image to enlarge.


Local Poetic

Remember local (and native Forsythian!) poetess Terri Kirby Erickson, who shared her marvelous Queen's Court with us? Come celebrate her newest work! Whee!

Please join us for a
book launch celebration of
In the Palms of Angels
Terri Kirby Erickson
Thursday, April 7 at 7 PM

Derrick L. Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center
1010 Bethesda Court, Winston-Salem

10% of book sales for the evening will be donated to the DLDFCC (Simstein Fund). Music by Lee & Susan Terry. Free parking available.

Terri Kirby Erickson

Monday, April 04, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Car collision, kidney stones, and now a tragic gnome accident. I'd say this bad things happen in threes cycle is complete. Cross your fingers the glue holds!

I like the one on Creekway*

Psst.. Wanna buy a house for cheaps?

* Creekway because it's on a cul-de-sac, and wow, do I wish we lived on a cul-de-sac. Stylewise though, the house that makes me go all aflutter is 2401 Greenway.

(See the streetview of any house for yourself by going to Geo-Data, entering the address, then viewing the record card.)

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Crepe Murder Annual Report - 2011, A Southern Thing Y'all

Once upon a time the practice of Southerners hacking my beloved Crepe Myrtle tree down to a nub made me angry. After much thought, and a least two previous LIF posts chastising local folks for Crepe Murder, I have replaced that anger with something approaching amusement at the hilarious futility, at the confirmation of just how dumb we can sometimes be.

I'm also beginning to think Crepe Murder is some bizarre, exclusively Southern trait. Could we just be enjoying a good game of Follow The Leader or Simon Says? Or maybe it is genetically imprinted into us to cut SOMETHING since cutting SOMEONE can get you in all kinds of trouble. (Recently however a gentlemen in Wilmington, NC discovered that cutting something --Crepe Myrtles in this case -- can also lead to problems…. Like an $8,000 tree hacking fine. Not to worry though, the City of Wilmington had second thoughts and first reduced the fine to a mere $3,200 before sternly settling at the astronomical sum of $ZERO. Government works in mysterious ways, huh?)

I'm going to leave my Crepe Myrtle alone. Y'all go ahead and slice and dice to your hearts' content. Maybe I'll be reading about your experience soon in a tabloid or our local fish wrapper. Just don't blame me if that crowd from 60 Minutes shows up at your front door.

Steve Bender, a Senior Writer of Southern Living Magazine otherwise known as The Grumpy Gardener, has produced a YouTube video entitled How To Stop "Crepe Murder" or Crepe Myrtle Murder Forever.

I'll bet you it won't work though.

Local It's a Bird It's a Plane

WFU Department of Education
WFU Documentary Film Program

Sunday, April 03, 2011

So, ouch

Forgive the quiet - apparently I have kidney stones. Multiple ones. Bilaterally.

1. Baptist ER (or whatever they'd like to be called now) did an exceptionally good job of quick pain management, diagnosis and treatment on a Friday night/Saturday morning. Accordingly I recommend them as your go-to place should you ever wake up and think you have to be dying you are in so much pain.

2. Because I've basically been lying in bed in a stupor ever since, I have no phonophotos, daily or otherwise, to offer you. (I did manage to get up and actually shower today - go, me! )

3. I offer you this instead. It had me all teary, especially numbers 1, 15, 19, and 21. Happy tears, no worries.

4. I'm hopeful tomorrow I may even get fully clothed. Like not in pajamas. Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wool your pup! Bedeck a fish!

New local etsy love is up in the righthand column, and fantastic opportunities abound!

Thank you for supporting local artisans!