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Friday, December 09, 2011

Local Did You Say Cider?

Piedmont Craftsmen
invites you to a demonstration of
Nuno Felting
Fiber Artist
Rachel Nicholson
in the gallery
601 N. Trade Street 
Thursday, December 15th
6-7 PM

The latest new felt process, Nuno felting melds silk fabric and merino wool fleece together to make a new product. Soap and hot water are combined with the silk and fleece, then massaged until the small fibers crawl through the fabric.

Each silk scarf blank is hand dyed and coordinated with specific colors of fleece. In some cases silk fibers or bamboo fibers are added to the wool to add interest and color.

Please join us for the demo as it occurs.

This educational event is FREE and open to the public.

Hot Cider will be served.

OK, it's not even that I think I could ever do anything like that, but I want to go see it being made, because the color saturation is UNREAL.

PS: Go look at the artist's website, because you can see her studio and then biggify it and imagine it's really yours! Your studio! Your art! admire her works!

Piedmont Craftsmen
Rachel Nicholson
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