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Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Because the New Year starts on a Sunday this year and I love it when the Universe is organized so neatly, I have taken this as a sign to make resolutions, something I indulge in roughly once every five years. Oh, and FYI I like my years to have themes. Accordingly, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

2012: The Year of Less

1. Be indoors less
2. Spend less
3. Eat less quickie food
(3a. Weigh less)
4. Drive less
5. Less "technology" time
6. Leave less undone
7. Less clutter
8. Hurry less
9. Be less wasteful
10. Less medical stuff
11. Regret less

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone -- See you in The Year of Less! (So, tomorrow.)

*The youngest refers to anything with a screen** as "technology", said in the voice of hushed wonder he usually reserves for discussions of historical mysteries. So this would be the teevee, my laptop, and my phone.

** Everything else is "inventions", said in a sort of gung-ho, Go America voice.
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