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Friday, November 18, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Spruce Street, 9:03 PM

 I had the great joy of attending No Rules Theatre Company*'s pre-opening performance of The Last Five Years at the HaneBrands Theatre tonight. If you haven't made plans to go see it, do so now, because it's wild.

The songs detail a couple's failed relationship with the story told on a forward trajectory through the gentleman's songs and on a reverse trajectory through the lady's. His story starts out on a hopeful note (they've just met) and ends up on a biting one (he's just left her), and hers does the opposite. At the very middle they're at the same place at the same time, and for one brief moment it's beautiful but poignant; you're waiting because you know they haven't left those trajectories that will fling them apart. (That playing about with timeline reminded me a lot of Martin Amis's Time's Arrow, which book I heartily recommend, by the way.)

* I adore these peeps. They had a little insert in the program tonight asking what show would the audience like to see from them, and without hesitation I wrote Hot Mikado, because I saw it in DC when I was maybe 15 and it was ridiculously awesome and has remained all these years unsurpassed in my mind. (So help me God if they ever do put it on I will be there nightly, too, and during the days I'll speak of nothing else. Also I'll swoon constantly.)
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