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Monday, October 24, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Today was amazing. Simply amazing.

And to be perfectly frank, we've needed it. Generally I'm pretty upbeat,  but the last few weeks have been very, very hard for the youngest. Consequently for me, too, but whatever I feel is a mere fraction of what he faces. My baby is extraordinarily brave*, y'all.

Then today came and everything not only went well, we had what were like unexpected bonuses from the universe:
  • The lady at Thruway Dewey's made the youngest feel incredibly special when we stopped by for his favorite (vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing with purple flower, natch)
  • The used book fair at school had a cool book about camouflage in the animal kingdom which featured our family favorite, the elephant shrew. In the car this afternoon the youngest happily regaled me with tidbits not only about said elephant shrew but also about polar bears and butterflies and leaf bugs. This last one he found especially fascinating in illustration, and he wistfully wished he could see one in real life.
  • Which brings me to the above, which we found perched on my husband's car upon arriving home after a uke lesson.
Thanks mightily, Universe! We needed today.

* Surely my son is not the only child who has designed his own coat of arms? His motto, featured prominently, is "Small But Fierce".  Indeed.
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