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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on sharing & caring

I haven't been very forthright with you, and let me explain why: at first we didn't know quite what was going on and then when we did, the youngest wasn't sure it was something he was ready to share. Then he decided he was ready to share it, but it never really came up here naturally, so I didn't.

So it's not a secret nor is it anything we're embarrassed about, but unfortunately it's also not something that's going to go away: the youngest has Tourette Syndrome.

It's not the worst diagnosis nor the best. It's generally misunderstood, that's for sure, and it's definitely lonely: the youngest seems to be the only one anyone personally knows with it.

But generally on a day to day basis it doesn't really affect us as much as you might think, never-ending visits to CompRehab aside, except that the medicine he takes* to reduce the tics, including a sort of gallop and lots of grimaces and an odd little repetitive cough, also reduces natural coughing, the good kind that your body does when it's fighting something.

...Which is why he's now home with pneumonia.

I was marginally serviceable yesterday -- I had to be for the doctor and then the x-ray technician -- but today? After two sleepless nights? Well, I am dumb as a stump, there's just nothing to be done for it.

Until the antibiotics kick in (hopefully later today), my sweet, funny, fabulous boy and I will be cuddling on the sofa and working on printouts from here.

...Which is not at all a bad way to spend a rainy day.

* by his own request, because as he beautifully explained, "When I'm trying to do something my body keeps interrupting me." His tics never bothered us.
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