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Friday, September 16, 2011

Local this fish is totally cray-cray

Sorry for the silence, but things here are a little cray-cray, too, and by cray-cray I mean loco. But wowsers, this event sounds like an amazing diversion!

The mangrove rivulus - the world's strangest fish?
Science Cafe

Tuesday, September 20th
Buena Vista Grille (formerly Big Shotz Tavern)
109 S. Stratford

Learn about the ecology and biology of a fish that can stay out of water for 2 months, can actually drown, and jumps on land!

This amphibian-like fish lives in the mangrove swamps from Florida down to Brazil, and sometimes occupies crab burrows and logs.

If no partner can be found, the mangrove rivulus has nothing to fear - it will mate with itsself having one of the most bizarre reproductive strategies around!

Presented by Ben Perlman, Wake Forest University Biology PhD student.

Winston-Salem Science Cafes

Buena Vista Grille
Wake Forest University, Department of Biology
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