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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Local Speaking of Food...

Happyhappyjoyjoy, it's less than EIGHT days away!!! But y'all, we need to discuss some stuff.

Introduced in several Fairs across the country this year, the Dixie Classic Fair will debut fried bubble gum and fried kool-aid. Deep-fried cheesecake and chocolate-covered bacon will also be available in addition to the Fair mainstays of funnel cakes, elephant ears, fried candy bars and more. Additionally, Fairgoers have an opportunity to support the community through 14 community food booths where purchases go toward the organizations’ major fundraising goals.

OK, can we talk about these? In order, specifically:

1. fried bubble gum
2. fried kool-aid
3. deep-fried cheesecake
4. chocolate covered bacon
5. 14 community food booths

re: 1,2,3,4 I just can't. Can't, can't can't. The first one makes my face go all shrively and shuddery. The second one I find vaguely mind-boggling yet completely non-alluring. Three and four just sound like heart attacks waiting to happen.

But number 5? I'm confused. Were there only 14 community food booths before? Or have the booths been winnowed? Maybe it just seemed like every church from here to Virginia was fooding up. Plus the firefighters. And the popo!

Nonetheless we are doing the Dixie Classic countdown chez nous. And next Friday we will be there as soon as school lets out, ogling the fancy chickens, checking out the Artistic and Original Doorstop entries, and noshing on maple sugar cotton candy. (But NOT on fried kool-aid.)

Dixie Classic Fair
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