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Monday, September 12, 2011

Local PSA

"We have discovered the main to be the goodliest soil under the cope of heaven, so abounding with sweet trees that bring rich and pleasant, grapes of such greatness, yet wild, as France, Spain, nor Italy hath no greater..."

-Ralph Lane, in a letter describing North Carolina to Sir Walter Raleigh, 1585

It's scuppernong time!

For those poor souls who didn't grow up in the southeast or are otherwise unfamiliar with and/or intimidated by these green globes of goodness, a primer on how to best savor them:

1. Acquire scuppernongs. Those blessed can do this by walking into their yards; others will have to beg or buy.

2. Rinse them. They're sturdy and firm, but will have some brown markings in the skin no matter how hard you scrub.

3. Pop full scuppernong into your mouth and bite gently. You will feel the skin sort of scoot away from the fruit. You will also feel seeds inside the fruit, four of them to be exact. Maneuver the seeds and skin to one side of your mouth and the rest of the fruit to the other.

4. Delicately remove seeds and skin from your mouth as you would a cherry pit. (Those of you who do not fall into the blessed class as specified in step 1 may wish to plant said seeds.)

5. Savor the glorious sweetness that is the remainder.

note: Please do not share the scuppernong awesomeness with dog friends. Like other members of the grape family, they can be toxic to canines if ingested.
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