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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Local Drop The Sticks!

Drop Those Chopsticks!
Sushi Is Finger Food.
Piedmont Craftsmen invites you to learn
The Art of Sushi
at a FREE educational event
601 N. Trade
Thursday, September 8th
6-7 PM

Learn from chef/owner Melissa Mirchandani of Mise En Place Catering how to make sushi rolls and plate them artistically on handmade plates.

6th and Vine will be serving Plum Wine to compliment the sushi tasting. Plum Wine (umeshu) is made of Japanese plums (ume), sugar, and shochu or nihonshu. Its sweet, fruity, juice-like flavor and aroma can appeal to those who normally dislike alcohol. It is usually served on the rocks or mixed with soda.

Piedmont Craftsmen
Mise En Place Catering
6th and Vine
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