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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

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So, today: actually kind of awesome other than that whole "more surgery" thing.

1.) Neither child had any cavities at today's visit to The Most Fantastic Dental Office Evah! This is a minor miracle given the fact that both treat brushing like it's a sporting event in which the winner is determined by finish time rather than, say, accuracy.

2.) The youngest was on fire today at his uke lesson! It's like he was trying out for first chair or something. (You know, in the orchestra that has ukes, slide whistles, and tambourines. All their tuxedos are denim.)

3.) I'm getting super-excited in anticipation of tomorrow evening, because Esbette and I are going to a concert that promises to be as good for people-watching as the last concert we attended together. Ke$ha! I can hear your eyes rolling from here, but I care not one whit, because I am a firm believer in mindless summer concerts.


4) In spite of the fact that I do have another procedure coming up, it's not emergent, so I've been given permission to delay it 6-8 weeks. I'm thinking this is how I'll spend Fall Break. You know, since the school board slaughtered it and whittled its remains down to a four-day weekend.

So all in all, I'm really good! Promise!
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