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Monday, August 29, 2011

Local Please Just Don't

The board is considering an amendment to the Forsyth County Code to make it unlawful for someone to chain or otherwise tether a dog in a manner that can cause potential harm to the animal.

One of my absolute worst memories: being at the Emergency Vet on North Point when a woman came in sobbing. Through tears she told the receptionist she'd gone out to dinner with a friend and left her golden retriever on a dog tie in the backyard so sweet boy could enjoy the nice weather. He'd gotten the tie wrapped around a tree while she was gone and only had a few feet of tie left to move around with. When she came home she'd found him lifeless with a copperhead nearby. Now she needed someone to please come help her carry his body in.

Not until that moment did it ever occur to me that tieing a dog out from time to time could be dangerous for the dog if a hostile creature approached.

I hope that lady has forgiven herself.
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