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Monday, August 15, 2011

Local Baked Goods Feedback Needed

Sometime this past week I realized the oldest will be leaving on his 13th birthday. He's going on his youth group's beach retreat, and so while I will have him from, oh, midnight to 7:30 AM, after that they'll have him.

I really don't think I want to eat cake before 8 o'clock in the morning

and Whereas
I do want him to have cake for his birthday

I need to send a cake large enough to serve 30.

I haven't ever had to buy a cake that large as we've limited the size of his parties, and the one year everyone in the class was invited, it was because it was a joint party with a classmate and the other mother did the cake.

Also does it need to be a sheet cake? Is there a cake I can fit in a cooler? The cake has to make it all the way to the beach.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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