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Monday, August 22, 2011

(Invisible) Phonophoto of the day

(imagine a phonophoto of me here. I'm looking ragged as all get out.)
  • drop the oldest at church so he can he help clean the youth building
  • head over to the middle school to help set up stuff for 6th grade orientation
  • be at the middle school for 6th grade orientation to help as needed
  • pick up the oldest from a friend's house
  • home to grab guitar and youngest's Pack-It* to test it out
  • drop oldest off at Jackson's Music
  • get husband's truck inspected
  • pick up oldest and head back to middle school
  • be at the middle school for 6th grade open house to help as needed
  • drop oldest back at friend's house for sleepover
  • ...and home to Mt. St. Laundry
* the youngest lives for anything sold on TV. 

(True story: one time I found him in my room, sort of vaguely looking about. When I asked if I could help him, he said, "Mommy, where do you keep all your broken, mismatched and unwanted gold jewelry? Gold prices are on the rise, and we need to call for our free envelope!"

This summer he saw a 60 second infomercial for the Pack-It and immediately launched his campaign, which consisted mostly of following me around reciting large swaths of the Pack-It infomercial VERBATIM. Even as I type this, he is reciting the list of foods Pack-It will soon enable me to send for his lunch: "ice-cold milk, deli meats and cheeses, tuna and chicken salads, even smoothies!" 

I'd like to note at this time that the only one of those he will even touch is milk. 

So I caved and bought him one off Amazon, robot print for the record, and so for the last few weeks, every time he opens the freezer, he says, "Pack-It lies flat in the freezer to save space."

Did I mention we aren't allowed to call it a lunchbox? Because as he often reminds us, "Pack-It revolutionizes ordinary lunchboxes!"
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