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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

ATTN: Local Space Cadets

FREE Astronomy Observing Session at SciWorks
400 West Hanes Mill Road
Saturday, August 6th
8:30PM - 11PM
Telescopes will be provided!

Saturn will be visible for a brief time after sunset. Vesta, the second largest asteroid in the asteroid belt will be visible for the whole evening along with several deep sky objects, and the summer constellations!

Observing will take place in SciWorks parking lot. Please turn your lights off and drive slowly when arriving after dark.

Inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances may cancel this event. Call SciWorks at 767-6730 AFTER 5:30pm on August 6th to hear cancellation information.

Have a new telescope and need help with it? Bring it to this event. Knowledgeable amateur astronomers will be on hand to help!

So this spring the oldest went to space camp in Alabama for a week with his school. When he was telling me about it upon his return, every time he referred to himself and the others as "space camp cadets", I automatically thought "space cadets" and giggled. EVERY TIME. It was just after that last surgery; I blame the drugs.

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