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Thursday, July 07, 2011

tap, tap, tap This thing on?

I'm still not even close to up to speed, but I wanted to pop in and say thank you. Thank you for the sweet emails catching me up on what's going on around town so I won't feel left out, thank you for the utterly wonderful items that have mysteriously appeared on my doorstep, and thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

They worked! I'm a-mendin'! But wow, is this slow, and I am so impatient to get back to normalcy. I'm still wildly (self-diagnosed) ADD, but now it's like I suffer from narcolepsy, too, because I'll be skittery scattery and all of a sudden, BOOM, I am just full on exhausted. Physically and mentally.

Please bear with me a little longer. I offer you a new phonophoto for your trouble! I spotted this random bit of awesome while walking into Edward McKay to stock up on reading material the day before I went into the hospital. I have no idea who made this and stapled it to the pole in the parking lot, but I thank said artist wholeheartedly, because unexpected art encounters are (a) the bomb diggity and (b) very good medicine for the soul. In short I interpreted it as a good omen from my frenemy, The Universe, and it was.

Back soon,
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