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Friday, July 08, 2011

Local Talent

The EM Gallery at Krankies (211 E. Third, W-S) has an exceptionally cool show running through the 16th of this month. (Yes, it's been up for ages, but alas, I have not.)

So all of the pieces feature fire extinguishers, though some are nearly unrecognizable as such at first glance. Others are recognizable but decorated* or adorned* with such care and sheer talent that I frankly forgot I was looking at an extinguisher. All are pretty much fabulous.

below, from left to right: pieces by Clark Whittington, Kait Neely, Woodie Anderson

not shown: roughly 25 more very creative takes on the seldom lauded until needed extinguisher

Clark Whittington/art-o-mat
Kait Neely
Woodie Anderson

* these are not the right words. I can't find the word I mean, but it sounds entirely less AC Moorish.
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