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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Local Like an Idiot

Me, that is. Blathering. I've been away for so long that now I feel the way I do when I see a cherished friend I haven't seen in far too long. I'm all Squeeee! and How are you? and How's your mom? and Hey, wow, do you remember whoosie doosie? Interspersed with spontaneous hugs and gushing over haircuts and weight loss and how much children have grown.

That said

1. New local etsy love is up! I've been lovin' on local etsy artisans for over two years now, and I am still without fail wowed when I pick the week's items. (These items actually went up Thursday, but I forgot to tell you, and traditionally I rotate the items on Saturday, so now I'm back on schedule. Holy cow, you didn't really need that much info, did you. Squeee! How's your mom?) Thank you for supporting local artisans!

2. I just got home from a low cost rabies clinic at Reynolda Manor (today 11-2, microchipping also available). We took Pep to one a few weeks back out in Rural Hall, also done by Humane Solution, but they ran out of vacc'es at the tail end, right before Salsa could get hers. So today was the next opportunity and away the oldest and I went, because these clinics are very well run and the volunteers at them incredibly helpful.

Alas three dogs some distance from us got into a rather heated altercation -- lunging and growling and gnashing of teeth only, thankfully. But that was enough for Salsa to go into shepherd mode, pushing the oldest and I into a clump behind her haunches so she could bark noisily in our defense. Then it began to thunder, which calls for a different response (cower, whimper, and try to hide behind our haunches). She alternated between the two personae until it was her turn for the shot. In short, good times. Oh, wow, I love your hair! How's whoosie-doosie? Cute shoes!
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