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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Local Floral Goodness

OK, so true story.

The first Thanksgiving after we moved to Winston, we hosted Thanksgiving.

In attendance: we four, my father, my uncle and aunt who live here, my brother, his wife and their then newborn son (in from Durham), my cousin from Kville, his wife and their son, plus another cousin up from Atlanta.

Well, in attendance at least part of the time.

Schedules were loopy. This is putting it mildly. Consequently it was sort of a drop-in-when-you-can-stay-as-long-as-you-can event, wherein food was out in a buffet line setup, and as people arrived they ate or didn't, depending upon how many other Thanksgiving tables they needed to attend.

And I set a beautiful table for the buffet, using all the good china I inherited from my mother. In the center of the table I put a gorgeous octagonal pottery bowl from Italy, and in this bowl lay flowers.

Yes, "lay".

Let me put it mildly: I stink at flower arranging. From about three sides of the octagon, the arrangement looked OK*, but it was pathetic from the other five. And so as my rellies meandered down the buffet side, I would sort of covertly tap the bowl so it turned to show its better side in case they looked up. I'm fairly certain I fooled no one.

The End.

Piedmont Craftsmen
invites you to
a lesson on the
Art of Flower Arranging
in the gallery
601 N. Trade
Thursday, July 21st

Lisa Schaner from Imagine Flowers will be conducting the lesson using flowers from her shop and variety of vessels made by Piedmont Craftsmen artists. Since wine goes so well with flowers, 6th and Vine decided to join in on the fun by serving wine for the folks over 21.

This educational event is FREE and open to the public.

Piedmont Craftsmen
Imagine Flowers
6th and Vine

* I'm being generous to myself here. Very.
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