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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Northwest Boulevard

At the elementary school I attended, every year the kindergartners labored for weeks painting decently large boxes to look like the houses and buildings of a town. Then the boxes were arranged on stage in rows. Each kindergartner would crouch behind his or her box, and a show would be put on describing the life of a town and its occupants, with students sort of popping up as the songs describing their houses or businesses were sung.

But what I remember most is the simplicity of the businesses and the business names. There was a library, a shoe store, a bank, a vet's office, etc. Right in the middle sat the largest box, painted as a school. No mixed uses, no store-slash-cafe-slash-something else. We all were clear as to who did what and who sold what, by golly.

Every time I drive past the business above, I remember that town we made out of boxes. And I remember how when I was five-going-on-six, for one glorious day I had the very pink house of my dreams.
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