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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

HanesBrands Theatre

That was before the curtain went up, figuratively speaking. No Rules Theatre Company's The Stephen Schwartz Project opened tonight, and y'all... Y'all...

OK, you know how sometimes when a sports team sort of, well, stinks, season ticket holders will start giving away the tickets, because it's not even worth the hot dog and beer money anymore as far as they're concerned? Next thing you know you somehow have like 4 pairs of tickets to the same game, because you're the goob people fob unwanted tickets off on. And so then you're calling people you hope are even more goobish than you, but even they won't take the blasted tickets, and so you go with whomever you can talk into going - I'll pay for your beer! I'll pay for your hot dogs! - but you feel badly because the other six tickets end up going unused, un-refobbed, seemingly useless before the trainwreck of a game even begins.

Y'all, No Rules tickets are the opposite of those tickets. This is the second No Rules production I've been invited to attend, and let me announce herewith that No Rules tickets are hot dog worthy and beer worthy and even stadium parking worthy. Yes. Yes, that's what I said.

Tonight's production was an hourlong swoon with some mad vocal chops on display. Carolyn Cole: remember that name. She is ridicumazing. Her impeccable timing made her comic genius as Lucy in No Rules' You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, but hi, until tonight I had no idea she had a honking enormous voice - completely controlled, mind - in that teeny little body. Gah. She will be The Big Dealio one day, so see her now before she outgrows us.

The Stephen Schwartz Project will run again as-is tomorrow and then on Saturday as a fundraiser before moving on to Washington, DC (shoutout to my homizzles!). If you sadly miss it here, DC is only a 6 hour drive (40W-85N-95N) and so absolutely worth considering, as six hours of highway driving is pretty much the equivalent of stadium parking (X=Y=Z)...

But really I think you should see it here.
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