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Monday, April 11, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

Y'all. The last ten days have been an exercise in stupid. Because guess what? I still haven't passed even the first stone! What this means is that generally I hurt in a vague, achy way, but then on a few mornings (four, FOUR, but who's counting?) I've woken up suddenly to what feels like an angry squirrel stabbing me with a little - but very sharp - squirrel knife OVER AND OVER AND OVER in my back. White pain. And on those days I get nothing done. Nada, zip, zilch, zero.

So then on the days I just feel generally miz, I get to scootch all over town trying to get all the stuff done in half the time, no small feat when my gait is basically a hunched shuffle.

Yesterday afternoon I was sort of internally congratulating myself because I was almost close to being semi-caught up. Only then I realized the dogs were chewing gum. At least, it looked like they were chewing gum, the way their jaws were working. I waited maybe a minute to see if they'd blow bubbles, but then I remembered hi, dogs don't blow bubbles. And then I remembered, hi, dogs don't actually chew gum.

So I grabbed Salsa and wrangled her until she finally gave up her slobbery pirate booty, and GUESS WHAT. It was one of the two specialized pencil grips I had driven out to Lewisville to get at Kaplan during a burst of (relative) productivity, the ones set to go to school this morning with the youngest, because his teacher asked for them like, oh, last Monday, and I'm just now delivering. Mom of the Year!

Oh, but no worries, because Salsa shared, and so Pep was happily masticating the other one. And so the hour I had mentally allotted to catching up here today I instead spent en route to and from Kaplan and then up to the school to drop off purple Grotto Grips immediately.

One of my other errands was to Kohl's to get the youngest a specific pair of sandals, and that one was a breeze, but this afternoon when he tried them on, they were like jokey flippers they were so enormously oversized on him, even with orthotics. So now I get to repeat that errand, too! That will probably take me another week; until then he'll be rocking the purple-laced shoes shown above.

And I apologize to anyone who just spent the time to read all that.
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