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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

When the oldest was in preschool, back in DC, we paid tuition fees of $450 a month for him to attend a 3 hour/5 day a week program*. There was one month (November, I think) that there was an absurdly high number of holidays for which the school closed, and on the few days the school was open, he was without fail sick, and so I had to write the tuition check for that month without him ever having attended.

Now it's my own life going unattended, as once again I've caught whatever scourge is making the rounds, this one striking exceedingly suddenly and violently. I'm told it's a 48-72 hour virus, but I've given my body notice that it must be better by tomorrow, at about 42 hours, because I have things to do, and frankly this annoys me as much as writing that check did.

* Pretty much the going rate. There was one school we looked at that was $7200 for the year, but most fell somewhere between 4-5 thou.
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