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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(whispering) tittle-tattle

Goodness, my inbox has been lit up over the last few weeks! Let's talk construction, y'all.

1. Yes, I've heard the rumors Trader Joe's is finally coming to Winston. I don't know, though... this rumor's been going around for ages, and W-S isn't listed here.

2. What's going in Thruway in between Pet Supermarket and Christie's Hallmark? Whatever it is, it is going in fast. The space is roughly 6500 square feet. (Because knowing that helps.)

3. What's going up sort of beside Rugged Warehouse (near the Harris Teeter on Peacehaven off Robinhood)? That's mammoth space.

4. It is indeed a Dunkin Doughnuts under construction on Robinhood near the intersection of Polo (where the carwash used to be).
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