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Thursday, January 27, 2011

re: the miniatures exhibit opening last night

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It was so, so clever, with miniature cupcakes and miniature sandwiches for food and charming pieces of small art on the walls. We had just a lovely, lovely time.

Do pop in and see the exhibit before it leaves March 13th. Marvel at the detail in Bill Scherbak's wee oil painting, 3 Boats. Make sure to read the bottoms of the Raku pieces, because at least 2 of them feature glazes of the artist's own making. And don't miss the paper marionette dolls.

left to right: "Grandmother in Pearls" by Jordan Grace Owens (1st prize winner); "Earth Bowl" by Ray Travis; "3 Boats" by Bill Scherbak

Community Arts Café

Jordan Grace Owens
Ray Travis
Bill Scherbak
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