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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Phonophoto of the day

My extremely fabulous cousin Sherri Cash, long a denizen of Atlanta, recently came up for an extended visit. Secretly I'm hoping Sherri will fall in love with our local charms and decide to stay here.

With that agenda in mind, I took her and my other cousin's wife Deb (who conveniently had a birthday to celebrate) to Breakfast Of Course. Like, See? See how yummy our breakfast foods are? You should probably just move here, doncha think? Here, have a taste of my Crispy Madame!*

It's an extreme measure to foist such awesomeness on someone unawares, but eyes on the prize, I mean business, and if I have to use well-prepared eggs and cheese sauces to make my point, I will.

* For the record, HOLY.
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