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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Local Medicinal

I'm a phonophoto-taking fool when it comes to art; for most every show I visit, I take at least ten shots. Firstly because I adore the pieces, but secondly because I'm wretched at remembering names, almost to a pathological* level. (This wretchedness is not new to longtime readers, but I feel the need to restate it, because inevitably when I apologize to someone profusely upon our meeting for the second time and being unable to summon up any part of a moniker, I get a polite response, but by the third meeting? Mildly dubious. The fourth? Miffed.)

Anyway, I've decided what we all need on this, Snow Day #4689, is a medicinal dose of local art goodness. Accordingly feast your eyes on not one but two pieces from the last show (now sadly departed) at the Electric Moustache Gallery at Krankies. I love both pieces madly, and I also loved the other items by these artists in the show, artists with names I now have phonophotos of.

Ta-da! Now when I want to say something reminds me of one of these two gentlemen's work, I need only subtly scroll through the 200-odd phonophotos in my phone, and nobody will be any the wiser about my issue with names!

Top: Mike Duggins, "Rapa Nui Scene"
Bottom: Steven Hopkins, "Hey II".

* Still** reading Dr. Neruda's Cure for Evil, an awesome novel about a psychiatrist.

** Yes, still. It's nearly 700 pages, I think. I only began it on Christmas eve. Possibly the day before. In any event, it's not unreasonable*** that I still have 200-ish pages to go.

*** At least I don't think it is. WHY ARE YOU MAKING A FACE LIKE I'M CRAZY.
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