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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Local kudos


#1. Good call on the delay; there was ice out there.

#2. Wait. That wasn't the real kudo.

#3. THANK YOU FOR WAITING UNTIL THIS MORNING TO CALL IT. That calling off school at 4 pm the day before based on a forecast has got to stop.

Here's what's not going to stop: snow in NC.

Y'all, we have got to grow up and learn to deal with this stuff. We cannot come to a screeching halt every time the mercury drops below freezing.

Other locales handle the snowfalls we get without missing a beat. Do you think they shut everything down in Maine for five months?

"They have more plows," someone will offer. Fine, let's find a way to fund more plows.

"They know how to drive in it there," someone else will say. Awesome, then let's make sure we are teaching how to drive in it.

Find out what it is, please, that allows others to keep on keeping on while we scramble and shelter in, and let's get whatever that is for ourselves.

Preferably in the next week, too, because you'll never guess the forecast for next Tuesday...
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