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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Let it SNOW, let it SNOW, let it SNOW

Because frankly I could use some downtime.

I've spent much of the day on utter ridiculousness:
  • CompRehab for the youngest's Occupational Therapy, then back to CompRehab later in the day because I forgot to bring the new insurance card the first time
  • Visiting 2 more stores on the long hunt for a toy giant squid for the youngest to use as a Kraken with his pirates. I was finally successful today, so this one is over, whew!
  • A Who's On First?-esque back and forth with the gardener about the mysterious, powder blue fullsize crowbar he found up on my roof while he was up blowing the last of the leaves off. It sure as sugar doesn't belong to anyone in this house, nor have we had any work done on the roof since we've lived here.
  • Entering all the groceries we've bought since 1 JAN 2011 in the new record book. We're micro-itemizing (meats, milk, fresh produce, canned goods, cereals, etc) the household expenditures in January and February, so we can see where our money's going, budget realistically, and maybe make some cha-cha-changes. I spent way too long trying to muddle out things like, "Are waffles more like cereals or breads?" Hey, isn't the recession fun?!?
So everyone please put on your winter warrior hats and break out your best moves. I'll settle for so-called "wintry mix" (which phrase I do not remember from my own childhood; when did it come so into vogue?), but I would like at least a delay. 2 hours, optimally.
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