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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

doot doot doot doot! Live guest report from Rural Hall

phonophoto credit: CollieDollies, who notes that this is the first one she's taken that has turned out well and assures us that she's "doing OK -- going to class, clearing out stuff at home and trying to stay out of trouble!"

I spent most of the day wondering why neither salt truck nor snowplow has darkened my street. This surprises me, as the corner in front of my house serves as the bus stop for no less than five WSFCS schools. At this point we're just waiting for the autocall, the oldest having spent most of the day sledding with friends while the youngest passed the time firmly ensconced in his robe, examining "scholarly texts" from the 1960s for Kraken sighting mentions.

update, 4:51 PM: ...aaaand autocall received.
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