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Friday, April 30, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

Tiramisu gelato, Blue Ridge Ice Creams, because every day this week has felt like a Monday

Blue Ridge Ice Creams

Local Competition

Beautiful baby contests just seem wrong. Sorry.

Local Selling Out

photo by Steve Davis

Tickets for the May 7th UNCSA Elena Bright Shapiro Scholarship Fund Benefit Performance have very nearly sold out and are expected to do so shortly. Fair warning.

(I think that's beyond wonderful.)

Sunshine on a plate

"Mommy, stay close. I might be scared," the youngest says, huddling under a blanket, peeking out at his favorite show, Mystery Hunters.

"What? You can't be scared; you're eating waffles! Nothing ever bad happens when someone's eating waffles. They're happy! They're cheery! They're like.. like..."

"Sunshine on a plate!" the youngest crows.

And it's true. They are. That's why you rarely see waffles in horror movies.

This week we had our own, in-home horror movie of sorts, complete with terrifying trip to the emergency room at Brenner. Injuries I can handle - you know what you're dealing with. Not knowing what's suddenly and horribly wrong is a thousand times worse.

And yet at a certain point, I knew this movie would have a happy ending, because when the doctor introduced herself, she said, "I'm Dr. Kielbasa," and a name like Dr. Kielbasa to someone like me is like a plate of waffles -- an indication that nothing bad is going to happen. I took it as a wink from God almost.

And the youngest is bouncing back exactly the way the exceedingly kind and brilliantly named doctor told us he would with the medications she ordered, and in fact has bounced out of the sickbed and back to school, though not yet for a whole day.

But I'm still waiting to bounce back fully, because my children, my babies, are my plated sunshines, and while they both may still shine brightly, that scared the living daylights out of me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

paper rolls at Designed by Snooze (535 N. Trade), where I just picked up the tickle-'em-pinkest end of year gifts for teachers

Local fantastic gift idea

Edward McKay is purveying awesome goods from superfun Blue Q, including coin purses, small totes, and more. The items are made primarily from eco-friendly, post-consumer materials, and the reusable shopping bags are the coolest I've seen in town.

Edward McKay

Yes, I'm whining (with reason, people)

Alas, I cannot go, and I am very sad, because this sounds AMAZING. Plus it would be a fantastic opportunity to snarf down some Bib's! And it's on the front lawn of the house I like to pretend is mine!


Enjoy Barbecue, Brews, and Blues
on the Lawn
Reynolda House
6-8 PM
Thursday, May 6th

Reynolda House Museum of American Art is hosting a Reynolda After Hours event—Barbecue, Brews, and Blues on the Lawn—on Thursday, May 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. This fun and festive event is being presented in conjunction with the exhibition “William Christenberry: Photographs, 1961–2005,”on view in the Museum’s Babcock Wing gallery through June 27, 2010.

Barbecue, Brews, and Blues on the Lawn promises to be an unforgettable evening inspired by Christenberry’s Alabama, with its juke joints, honky tonks, country churches, and blues music. Join young professionals on the patio lawn for barbecue provided by Bib’s Downtown, a beer tasting by City Beverage, and blues music from the Matt Walsh Band.

In addition, guests can participate in a special art project inspired by the photography of William Christenberry. Bring a 100% cotton t-shirt, tote bag or other pre-washed item to create an original silkscreen print. Plus, all art participants receive a FREE drink ticket, so be sure to join the fun.

Advance ticket purchase is suggested. Tickets are $5 for members and students and $8 for non-members. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 336.758.5150.

Reynolda House Museum of American Art

William Christenberry: Photographs, 1960-2005
Bib's Downtown
City Beverage
The Matt Walsh Band

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phonophoto of the day

The youngest sometimes brings his bucket of Little Green Men outside and pretend plays that the strawberry patch is their home planet. When I look at it from this angle, I can see why.

Last Hurrah

Esbette and I celebrated her new job with the Y by gorging ourselves with the most unhealthily prepared grilled chicken breasts we could find: Señor Bravo's chori pollo. Because we're not total slobs, we ordered Diet Cokes to drink.

(Our celebratory plans for the week before her upcoming nuptuals are even more spectacular.)

Señor Bravo

Local Intrepid Traveler

Among other items on my "To Do" list for today: mail out the youngest's Flat Stanley, bound for Boise, Idaho. Here's hoping he comports himself nicely and represents our city well...

Bring us back some potatoes, Stanley!


The North Carolina Foothills Group (Davie, Davidson, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry & Yadkin Counties) of the Sierra Club will hold a yard sale this Saturday, May 1st, beginning at 7 am at Parkway Presbyterian Church (corner of Silas Creek & Yorkshire).

Funds raised will support the group's newsletter and conservation efforts.

Foothills Group
Parkway Presbyterian Church

Monday, April 26, 2010

Local ISO a Lonely Hearts Club Band

You know, to go with Sgt. Pepper here.

photo credit: FCAS
(Now that is a face that wants adopting...)


I think this sink, location: the ladies' room at River Birch Lodge, may be the best in town. I've wracked my brain, but try as I might, I can't think of another one that even comes close. It's also quite enormous; I might still be bathing my babies in the kitchen sink if it were this one.

River Birch Lodge (opens with "evening on the water" noises)

Phonophoto of the day

The back door of Forsyth Country Club

Ooh, I wonder if they'll have kelewele!

WFU Museum of Anthropology

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Phonophoto of the day (a new feature while I'm slam-busy in the next few weeks)

click on image to enlarge

Whirligiggage! What look like specks in the sky are actually whirligigs* in the air. The ground is covered with them, too, no doubt due to the wind gusts during last night's storm.

* We've always called them whirligigs. I've heard them called whirlybirds, too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Local Future Rock Star

A year ago, he was (his words) "a guitar newb". Now he's practicing for the school talent show, scheduled for next week.

I'm so stinkin' proud.

Thank you, "B" String!

Local Yum

B, AT and I took AD to Bernardin's at Zevely House to celebrate her birthday. Accordingly we felt dessert was required.

Bernardins (opens with cheeztastic music)

Happy Local Earth Day

I celebrated by recycling a bag of clothes at the Goodwill dropoff center on Polo at Robinhood. Whee!

Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

The Comeback Kid for Earth Day Twenty Ten

Time again for my annual Life in Forsyth tribute to the greatest living plant on earth. Hosta. Well, certainly my greatest plant weakness and fetish anyway. With over 2,500 cultivars (at last count) on the market, there are plenty to choose from. I have so many it is easy to slip another in without Mrs.Yarddawg noticing.

Meet Hosta ‘Great Expectations’. Another shady character for sure. Charles Dickens never met this one. It is my personal comeback hosta (so far) of the 21st century. Ain’t she pretty? I first planted “Great Expectations’ late last century and for three years it got smaller and smaller as each year passed. Why, I don’t know. Hosta experts are at a loss to explain why some varieties thrive no matter the conditions while others struggle. For me this one struggled in the ground. Noted hosta expert and hosta breeder Bob Solberg, owner of Green Hill Hostas in Chapel Hill suggested I dig it up, re-pot it, and leave it in the pot permanently. From a vigorous transplant in year one to a bare remaining and pathetic sprout stub in year three, “Great Expectations’, which I expected to die, has recovered nicely in its new home.

Great Expectations, like many hosta’s and humans too, likes morning sun and afternoon shade. The morning sun helps develop the true foliage color. Too much hot, late afternoon, sun can scorch the leaves especially if the soil is too dry. Plant in soil amended with compost or leaf mold and add mulch around the plant for best performance. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not too wet. Pest problems for me are mainly slugs. If you live where deer are your neighbors you probably already know that deer consider hosta as a salad bar. These pesky varmints will eat the leaves right to the ground overnight. Hosta’s will also perform well in pots and containers and will thrive almost indefinitely if the container is the right size for the plant. Large ones go in large pots and small ones in small pots. Duh! I recommend using a good quality potting soil rather than garden dirt if planting in containers. Hosta’s range in size from 5’ x 5” to 6” x 6” or smaller. Colors also vary widely from greens, blues, yellows, golds, chartreuse, whites, stripes, and variations in between. The mid-summer flowers, some fragrant, are an added bonus to the bold foliage. These perennials will die down in late fall, recompose themselves, and burst back bigger and better than ever the next spring. Once established these plants are almost carefree and are easily divided and shared with friends or planted elsewhere in the garden.

Expect “Great Expectations” to achieve 18 – 28 inches height and width at maturity. It is a relatively slow grower, so patience is advised. It can be found locally and for less than ten bucks usually.

More on hosta. And finally, for a little fun please check out this photo link of the self proclaimed “worlds ugliest hosta” called ‘Outhouse Delight’. Proudly bred right here in North Carolina by Tony Avent at Plant Delights Nursery near Raleigh. Plant Delights offer a wide variety of hosta for sale.

Happy hostaing!
- Yarddawg

You're invited (and gifted a discount!)

Lisa Routh Alley

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I very much wish I had a huge, white-walled, light-filled studio with dark wood floors in which to hang this piece, "Heidi", which you can see - and even buy - for yourself at Chelsee's, where there are many lovely works by Trena McNabb hanging. Come see.


Trena McNabb

Bridge to Teraforsythia

note to self: blusher. Possibly even full-on rouge.

Krankies, where said filming took place

TAFKASM (The artist formerly known as SueMo)

The reason it rained this morning was to put you in the mood for soup, so come on down to the Millenium Center for the Empty Bowls fundraiser for Second Harvest. "SoupMo" gives the She-Crab soup from Ryan's 437 thumbs up (celebrity server: Michael Hastings from the Winston-Salem Journal).

Local Creativity

These napkins are popping up all over town. (The back features a black frame inside which to draw your artwork.)

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Local Asset

Meet Daniel Rassum, who has been playing outside Dewey's at Thruway nearly all day. Daniel Rassum is wonderful. He plays 3 instruments at once, all well. He's also incredibly affable, so introduce yourself if you're ever lucky enough to see (and hear) him.

The song titles must be fantastic

Huh. This sounds like it's a very different animal than last week's elementary school production, "A Froggy Day in Lindentown".

Mount Tabor High School

Local enthusiasm

Comp Rehab

Goodness, but the youngest was raring to go to occupational therapy today. When I asked why, he shouted over his shoulder, "It's no time for dilly-dallying!" I somehow resisted the urge to vroom up, catch him to me and shriek with glee... but only just.

ATTN: Local Spring Cleaners

PAVE Creative Group is collecting used bicycles from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 24, 2010.

The event will benefit Bikes for the World. In addition, Bikes for the World requests a $10 donation with each bicycle to defray shipping costs. Bikes collected in Winston-Salem will likely be donated to charities in Africa. All donations are tax deductible.

Drop off bikes at Maple Springs United Methodist Church, located at 2569 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. PAVE ReCycles is held in conjunction with a Family Bike and Fitness Expo, which is free and open to the community.

PAVE Creative Group
Bikes for the World
Maple Springs UMC

Monday, April 19, 2010

Local Sarah

Someone zip over to the county shelter and get the one-eyed cat, please. She needs to spend some Q.T. in a sunbeam A.S.A.P.

photo credit: FCAC

Reynolds & Warwick

I want to fling my arms around this traffic island and hug it so tightly it struggles to breathe. This has to be the most breathtaking and enormous azalea in these parts, and I don't understand why hordes of brides aren't elbowing each other out of the way trying to take bridal portraits in front of it.

Local Good Work

Reynolda Road & Woodberry Drive

"In our garden there are opportunities to lease plots for personal use as well as to be an occasional volunteer to help us work the communal parts of our garden raising food that can be given to our food pantry visitors and others in our church and community."
-Maple Springs UMC

information on leasing plots

Maple Springs United Methodist Church

Also the name of the most popular piano duet at my summer camp (early 80s)

(I could play either part, for the record, and did so many times on the old, hospital green, upright piano in the Lodge.)

Take a scenic run or an enjoyable walk on Saturday, April 24, in the 2010 Heart and Sole 5K Run/Walk.

The Heart Center at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center is hosting Heart and Sole, which benefits the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Scholarship Fund of Wake Forest Baptist. The run is a certified 5K that starts at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

Last year’s Heart and Sole had about 500 walkers and runners who – along with the many sponsors – raised more than $18,000 for the Scholarship Fund that benefits patients with heart or lung problems who need supervised rehabilitation exercise programs.

All proceeds go to WFUBMC Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Patient Scholarship Fund.

online registration for 1 mile Fun Walk

online registration for 5K Run/Walk
WFUBMC Cardiac Rehab

Local OH NO

According to this Journal article, we may have seen the last of KT's Madhouse pieces. Mind, I don't give two toots about the show, per se, but the loss of her recaps is a tragedy for which my grief knows no bounds.

Accordingly, please observe a moment of silence at this time. Afterward, feel free to rend your clothing while sobbing, "Why, KT, WHY? Why'd you have to go recapless this way?"

Myself, I'll be out in my yard, pouring a Cheerwine into the dirt in her honor.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Local Sunday Caller

Now to figure out what kind it is. (As the daughter of an inveterate birder, my mind goes that way.)

update: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus), female

Butterflies of the Carolinas and Virginia

spotted at Lowes Foods, Sherwood Plaza


Lowes Foods

Local Window Shopping in Your Pajamas

New local etsy love went up in the lefthand column. Go have a peek at how creative your neighbors are.

Thank you for supporting local artisans!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Local Friday Afternoon Temps in the 80s

This dog adores the sprinkler but cannot bear going outside if it's at all raining, even lightly. The other dog prances happily in the heaviest downpour but slinks away quickly at the sight of the sprinkler. Go figure.

Get to know a local neighborhood

The 2010 Washington Park Spring Home and Garden Tour
Saturday, April 24th
1-5 PM
rain or shine

Camel City Carriage will provide free rides around the neighborhood in their horse drawn carriage.

Homemade cookies and drinks will be served on the gracious front porches of two of our homes.

A wonderful Celtic music group will play in a neighborhood church on Banner Ave. for visitors to enjoy.

Advanced tickets may be purchased for $15.00 at Ollie's Bakery (300 Marshall Street) and at 1502 Fabrics (936 Burke Street) before the day of the tour.

On the tour day, tickets will be sold for $20.00 at The Vintage Theatre (7 Vintage Ave, corner of Main).

All proceeds support activities that beautify and enhance the Washington Park neighborhood.

Historic Washington Park
Ollie's Bakery
1502 Fabrics
Camel City Carriage


SueMo and I are designing a special LiF contest, set to launch after the 24th. Stay tuned...


Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Great BBQ Debate
a guest post by
LiF cub reporter of the day

I take great pride in my eastern North Carolina roots but also embrace my new hometown, Winston-Salem. When it comes to barbecue, I make no apologies in preferring the eastern style I first had as a "youngin" cooked under a tobacco barn shelter by, I have no idea who cooked it, but it was at my my Uncle Braxton's tobacco barn in a makeshift pit. That is where I was also introduced to my very first pig skin, cooked (seared really) to crispy perfection. To this day I don't believe I've ever had any finer.There is an art in not burning it.

I have also discovered some very good Piedmont BBQ joints in the area. So far my favorite is Lexington BBQ # 1, or as the locals call it, Honey Monks. I have no idea why it's called that but I can tell you it is very good barbecue. Every now and then I'll sneak over to Lexington and get a good cue fix. Closer to home I'll frequent Little Richard's Barbecue which I rate as good.

Us Tar Heels love to passionately debate the virtues of our regional barbecues. Should you slice it, chop it, pull it? The sauce debate is a subject that will rile up best friends. Name calling is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to sauce. Add a little adult beverage to the "discussion" and fisticuffs have been known to erupt. Heck, we'll even debate whether the word barbecue is a noun or verb And if your from Texas and on our home turf you'd better send some Texas Rangers to assist. Beef brisket served on white bread with onions and pickles is a nice sandwich though. Pork is barbecue. Got it y'all?

To help outsiders, Texans, or Yankees figure out why we love to argue about barbecue, here is a good starting point. This brochure is courtesy of the NC Pork Council:

bar - be - cue

Esbee note: Pchaw! You are so very wrong. Bib's Downtown is the pig of choice. If I ever lose all my teeth, I'll have to seriously consider whether I really want dentures or if I should just eat nothing but delicious pork from Bib's from then on. It's THAT TENDER.

The oldest's friend, S.

This brief news item this morning makes me tear up. I think about the oldest's friend, S., the boy with the always ready smile, and how happy I am he's going to the same middle school as the oldest. I think about how S. probably looked as a very little boy far across the ocean, and I think about how when he and the oldest are being silly, you can still see the little boy in both of them.

I think about how many leaps of faith it must have taken S.'s parents, who also have smiles that come easily, to get on a plane and fly all the way to Russia that last time years ago, how much love.

Then I think about all the would-be-parents who were to get on a plane today. Or tomorrow. Or next week.

And my heart just breaks for them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


(That's how the youngest used to say it: "Momma, you're the greatest momma on urf." I miss hearing urf. I loved urf.)

2010 Piedmont Earth Day Fair
submitted by
LiF cub reporter of the day

zero waste coordinator, 2010 PEDF

Saturday, April 17, 2010
on the campus of Wake Forest University
10 am - 5 pm

Bring the Whole Family to our Planet Party!

The 2010 Piedmont Earth Day Fair will be A Day of Action! Celebrate Earth Day and take action to make our planet cleaner and healthier. Our Kids in Action program, featuring engaging interactive activities, will teach children how they can take action to protect our planet in ways that are meaningful to them. Everyone will enjoy the great lineup of all-natural foods and beverages available from local eateries – including ice cream and gelato – while listening to great local music. More than 100 exhibitors and Teaching Tents will show you how you can reduce your impact on our planet. And, before you leave, you can take action by documenting the changes YOU plan to carry out to make our planet healthier and cleaner.


Ardmore Post Office Miller Street

I was tickled to find only two people in line when I walked in. Taxes postmarked and sent, hallelujah.

If on a Spring Afternoon a Mother

"Portrait of Sofya Finklestein" by Lyudmila Skorodinskaya, part of a show at Central Library, which location I find fitting because the library is full of books, and the artist's name reminds me very much of one of my favorite books, "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" by Italo Calvino, which has a character within the substory named Ludmilla. (This is how my brain leaps to and fro on particularly frazzled days. Isn't it fun?!?!)

Lyudmila Skorodinskaya

Central Library

Reason #396 this is a great place to live

There's always a UNC School of the Arts alum in the PTA to help with school plays. Mad props (get it? get it? props! badum-bum!) go to stage design department for producing the grad who whipped out this backdrop.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


While I've been cloistered in meeting after meeting today, RLR awesomely went commando LiF cub reporter. She humbly submits this breaking news update re: the former Jiffy Lube @ corner of Peace Haven and Robinhood:

It's re-opening as a Valvoline Instant Oil Change - they were putting up a temp sign around 2pm today.

Thank you, RLR! Well done!

Please save me from buying magnifying reading glasses

The rock bug has bitten the youngest. He being who he is, of course, he wants to study the rocks and keep a log. No problem -- I had an extra composition book onhand. He's also thrilled with the old red colander and elephant watering can that comprise his rock washing station, but he turned up his nose at measuring the rocks merely with the blue protractor; he wanted scales. I found a cheapo set of food scales at Target, but what I haven't been able to find is a magnifying glass, which apparently is the last item the youngest needs in his rock study pursuits. Anyone?


Longtime LiF reader Norman Hill is running for School Board and writing a blog along the way!

Here's a snippet from one of his recent posts about budget cuts:

I do not like the idea of increasing teacher loads (having teachers teach more classes). I would much rather see some of our assistant principals teach a class. It used to be the case that some assistant principals also had some teaching duties but this is no longer the case. I also wonder if any our administrative staff (some of which were promoted out of the teaching ranks) could be reassigned to the schools. I think it is entirely possible that some of these folks might even be more effective if they worked closer to our students and with our faculty.

I think that's an incredibly intriguing idea and certainly worth looking into.

Anyway, please go visit Norman's blog and leave a comment or question for him. He'd love to hear from you.

Norman Hill

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggy Notes

1. Posting will fall in the light range this week, as several of my commitments come to fruition simultaneously, including but not limited to the 1st grade play, for which I created a few props this weekend. Shown above: "a platter of fishcakes".

2. If you've ever wanted to write a guest post, a la Yarddawg and KT, this is the time! Post should be relevant locally and must pass muster with legal. Promotion of events or organizations with which one is affiliated perfectly acceptable with disclosure of said affiliation. Email submissions to hippo.hippo@gmail.com.

3. Comments are whackadoo, according to several, with comments posting but comment count staying at zero (or one, or whatever, etc). Google usually fixes such things quickly, thankfully.

4. The pollen. Agree? Yes. The End.

And I mean SEMI-EXACT...

First person to correctly identify the location in comments wins a supercute, round sticker featuring my photo of the Shell station.

Local Worthy Cause

If you've been looking for a local program to get behind or get involved with, may I suggest Safe Haven?

Pets in homes with domestic violence are often targets of abuse. In several recent studies of women entering shelters for protection against domestic violence, nearly half reported that their pets had been threatened, injured, or killed by their partners.

The Safe Haven program offers an option to domestic violence victims. Clients seeking refuge with Family Services are provided with the relief of knowing their pet will be cared for. Pets in the Safe Haven program will be provided with foster care at no charge for a specific period of time in an anonymous and confidential foster home.

Safe Haven
Forsyth County Animal Control
Forsyth County Department of Social Services

It may be Monday morning, but it feels like Friday night when you read...


It's been a long journey, but we've finally made it to the end. There have been ups: plenty of Myers family footage and loads of Junior's backwoods insight and geriatric driving skills; and downs: Tim Brown's Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia hair and Chris Fleming's spiral into a depression so deep that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is nervous that he'll be buying Cymbalta at Costco. We've met Junior's freshly highlighted and twitchy crew chief, Eric. We were introduced to the new up and comer, Jon Boy Brown. We also met Bombshell McGee, oops, wrong scandal, I meant, Chasity the BBQ waitress who caught Jon Boy's eye but was already smitten with another... the happily married Burt Myers. There was Uncle Frank, Ben Brown, Brad Robbins, and a dog named BJ. Let's avoid the sadness of good-byes and get right to the review...

Tim Brown is sweating as the championship is his to lose during the last race of the season. If he has a poor finish and Burt wins the race, then he can wave good-bye to his 8th championship. We're guaranteed Tim is going to play it safe, as he did all season. Remember how you would play dodgeball in gym and there was always one kid afraid of getting a dodgeball to the face or the crotch, so he hid behind that one gargantuan 4th grader that could pass for a sophomore in high school? All of a sudden the game would be almost over, and you'd look up and wonder, "Uh, how has little Timmy managed to stay in the game this long?" I'll tell you why, little Timmy played it safe. It doesn't mean you're good, it mean you're boring.

The good news this week is that Tim managed to locate his stolen property. What did Tim have stolen you may ask? His heart. He seemed to locate it somewhere. I think hearts probably tend to get lost when your soul is as black as tar. Tim had some kind words for his race team, thanking them for all their hard work. He was even nice to his wife, who I think is way too sweet and too cute for him. She is just adorable.

On to the Myers garage... and guess who made his return??? You got it. Uncle Frank himself. I want to take Uncle Frank on a date... to Kermit's Hot Dog House. Please, Myers family if you are reading this, invite me over for Christmas dinner and let me sit in between Uncle Frank and Pam. I'll make deviled eggs. Everyone at the Myers garage is looking for Jason, who is MIA since his win last week. In walks Jason and Frank, who has already used this line once this season says, "Shut yo' nasty mouth, there's the winner!" Can I just say how great a line "Shut yo' nasty mouth" is? Especially since it's coming from a 70-year-old man. Burt and Jason discuss how Junior is probably going to try to get revenge for the last race of last season and prevent Burt for any chance at winning a championship.

On to the Fleming house... Chris is still complaining about his ribs, his lack of money, his parking space being stolen, the sky being blue, etc, etc. Chris seems to have a lovely family. I cannot understand why this man needs to complain so much. We know you broke your ribs. We've heard you state this. Good news Chris, Obama's health care plan passed. Pretty soon you can quit your job, lay on your couch and send ME the bill for your broken ribs. Don't thank me, thank Mr. Obama. Your money issues are solved.

Junior and Jon Boy have decided to bring in a secret weapon this week... the "00" car. This car is essentially designed to crash into anything that has the name Myers behind the wheel. Jon Boy is competing for a championship and Junior is just trying to stay awake until Wheel of Fortune comes on at 7pm so he'll pass the time by crashing really expensive cars. I will say that the "00" car doesn't look too awful expensive. Especially since it's painted number "7" and the crew members were changing it to "00" using orange duct tape. Things are certainly high tech over at the Miller garage.

Race day arrives and the "00" car is immediately banned from competition by Gray Garrison, the track manager. Race officials deems the car unsafe and will not allow it to race. It looked pretty unsafe... remember that episode where Junior evicted that lady from the trailer?? I could be wrong, but I thought that I saw the "00" race car sitting on cinder blocks growing plants out of the engine. Or maybe that was an old El Camino? Same difference.

The race gets under way and Burt quickly takes the lead. Tim bows out politely to 3rd place where he remains, playing it safe. Jon Boy and Jason Myers are never really factors in the race. Junior announces over his in car radio, "It's Miller Time." I assumed that "Miller Time" meant he was going to wreck somebody. What I didn't realize was that "Miller Time" actually meant Junior was going to drive himself into another car. I'm thinking Junior may have seen a woman in the stands sporting a low cut Southern Lady housecoat from Hamricks and got distracted. I've heard housecoats can really drive the men wild.

Burt hangs on to win the race and Tim wins the championship. No one really cares about Tim's win because he is after all, boring.

In the pits after the race Chris Fleming gets into a fight with Brad Robbins. Lots of talkey... but no real fist to chin action. Chris took a giant swing at Brad but missed. We saw one guy getting escorted out in handcuffs. Quite the ruckus.

So that's it everyone. Stick a fork in me... I'm done.

Race season begins on April 24 with a 200 lapper (Tuscon 200). Or go to bowmangrayracing.com for the complete schedule for the 2010 season. If you've never been... go. If you've already been... go back.

And here's your final Madhouse Quote of the Week:

Since he wore a Moonshine shirt every week, I only felt it fitting to use the quote on Jason's final Moonshine shirt of the season, "Moonshiners do it in the dark."

GO BURT MYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading everyone.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Local Purse-Size

Lowes Foods, Reynolda Manor Shopping Center

If the above isn't reason enough to visit, I hear this is Maya Angelou's grocery location of choice! Is it true? Well, I've never actually seen her here, mind, but she does have to buy her ingredients somewhere.

Texas Pete
Lowes Foods

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Local Mmm

Nemo thinks you smell niiiice.

Nemo being but a wee thing, I bet he still has that new puppy smell, and yes, there is one. It's like clean mud and dandelions all smooshed together. Someone go adopt Nemo and confirm.
photo credit: FCAC

Local Awesomely Located Nests

That one's on my front light, but the one below is in my friend K's carport. (I'm frankly a little jealous of how cute hers is.)

Speaking of birds, mark your calendars, because on Tuesday, April 27th, native Winstonian, well-known local dentist and Audubon Society member Gray Tuttle will present photographs of a trip to the Arctic, showing numerous seabirds, whales, polar bears, walruses, seals, and other arctic inhabitants. This event is FREE and open to the public. Meeting will be held at Historic Bethabara Visitor Center beginning at 7 PM.

Audubon Society of Forsyth County
Historic Bethabara Park

Friday, April 09, 2010

The oldest heartily recommends 'Shamester's Better Than Snickers'

I spent the morning working on turtle costumes for an upcoming school play, but now I'm at Blue Ridge eating Cappucino ice cream. I feel like I've earned it.

Blue Ridge Ice Creams